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TOPDOG Comfit Orthopedic Dog Beds

As a dog lover you know that your dog spends a significant proportion of his daytime hours sleeping (up to 14-16 hours) as close as possible to their favourite human!

The mattress you sleep on is vital to the quality of your sleep, and your overall health and wellbeing generally. So why should your best four-legged friend be any different?

TOPDOG Comfit is an Australian company which makes supremely comfortable orthopedic dog beds guaranteed to deliver the very best in sleep comfort and spinal support for your dog.


First developed by NASA in 1966 to improve the safety of aircraft cushions, memory foam has since proven very valuable medically - especially in combating bedsores and gangrene in bedridden patients. 

True memory foam is a slow recovery visco elastic substance which quickly reacts with body warmth to double the surface contact area. Pressure is decreased on the bony regions and blood flow is increased.

TOPDOG Comfit memory foam technology was carefully researched and developed in response to the lack of true orthopedic dog beds on the market. Australian dog owners can now access the benefits of this advanced technology for improved canine sleep, comfort and support.

Spinal Support is Essential for all Dogs

It’s not just older dogs with ailments such as inflammed joints, arthritis and restricted movement that benefit from TOPDOG Comfit memory foam dog beds, younger dogs can also benefit as a preventative measure.


• Truly orthopedic bed made from High Density 4lb Viscoelastic Memory Foam supported by a high-grade furniture foam, guaranteed not to sink to the floor and bottom out!
• Made from certified non-toxic memory foam (no PVC, no BPA, no phthalates)
• Contours to your dog’s body shape, evenly distributing weight across the bed, eliminating pressure points and reducing pain
• Perfect for post-surgery rehabilitation and inflammatory complaints such as arthritis and joint stiffness etc.
• Offers long term spinal benefits and support for all dogs of all ages, whether ailing or not
• Water resistant, breathable, replaceable liner
• Washable Microsuede replaceable covers in three colours

Lottie (8 years) on her TOPDOG Comfit in Moroccan Blue - Small 

To determine the best size dog bed, you will need to measure your dog in their sleeping position from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, then add approximately 20cm to determine the bed length. This ensures that your dog doesn't feel as if they are falling off the bed. When in doubt always get the larger size. A bit bigger won't hurt and it allows your dog to stretch out comfortably.

TOPDOG Comfit orthopedic beds come in five sizes (XSmall to XLarge) and a choice of three colours: Rainforest Olive, Moroccan Blue and Warm Taupe.


RRP: from $118.00 at 


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