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Petnostics - Home Pet Urine Test Kits

Petnostics is the brainchild of LA dog lover Shephen Chen and his team. Having spent five years in the healthcare industry, managing a medical device company, one of the projects he worked on was developing a new urine analyser, and it was during this project that he came up with the technology that enabled mobile phones to replicate the functionality and accuracy of the traditional analyser. 

He could see the potential this technology had to empower pet parents to take more control over their pet’s health from the comfort of their own home at a price they could afford.
According to vets, checking your pet's urine helps keep your furry friends healthy. Urine testing helps identify early warning signs to prevent health issues such as Diabetes or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) from becoming more serious. 

The Petnostics Kit allows you to easily perform in the comfort of your own home the same urine test that veterinarians perform at their clinics. You'll have peace of mind for those times when you suspect your furry friend is under the weather. And at a fraction of the cost of a vet visit, you'll be able to better engage with your pet's health.


Step 1 - Collect using the Petnostics cup

The Petnostics cup consists of a lid with an integrated urine test strip. The wide mouth allows you to capture your pet's urine cleanly. 

Step 2 - Seal

Keep it stored until you are ready to test with the Petnostics App. Once you're done, simply throw away the disposable cup.

Step 3 - Analyse using the Petnostics app

Simply scan the top of the lid with the Petnostics’ iPhone app and results will be available instantly. Results are also easily shareable with your vet, making it easy for everyone to engage with your pet’s health.

The Petnostics app turns your smartphone into a urine analyser, allowing you check your dog (or cat's) health instantly with the Petnostics cup. Be alerted to potential health issues and keep a history of your pet's test results. Your best friend will love you for it!

Of course this does not replace a full analysis performed in a lab but if you suspect your dog suffers from diabetes or urinary tract infection, this is a simple health check-up tool. You should follow up with a visit at your local vet who will be able to confirm the diagnostics.


We sent two sample kits to a local vet practice to be tested in real life situations with two diabetic dogs under different circumstances. Both test kits came up with similar answers to other more sophisticated testing equipment and there were no glaring omissions or inaccuracies. 

Ultimately the value of these results lies in interpreting them in the light of the history of that dog and its clinical signs. Overall the test kit was deemed fairly accurate, easy to use and a helpful addition to a pet owner's methods of assessing whether their dog is unwell and requires veterinary attention.

So far, the feedback from users worldwide has been overwhelmingly positive, reporting that this app provided a tremendous amount of peace of mind for them.


RRP: US$9.99 (Single Test) or US$29.99 (4 Test Kits Bundle) from

The Petnostics app is currently available for free on iTunes.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome via the website.

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