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Pet Gear - Happy Trails & Jogger Strollers

Pet strollers are rising in popularity as they allow pet owners the flexibility to take their precious fur babies with them on the go. 

Pet strollers are a great option for transporting dogs recovering from surgery or suffering from severe arthritis or joint pain in their later years. They're great for small dogs who may struggle to make it the whole way around the park but still love to get outside. They're especially useful for senior dogs or pets in post-operative care and will enable you to take your dog out of the house in physical comfort and style. 

The Pet Gear range of pet strollers offers a great way to safely transport your dog on a trip to the vet, the shops, around the block or during a jog through the park. 

The Happy Trails Stroller is designed to safely contain your pets and will also protect them from harsh weather conditions. It features a fashionable Euro-Canopy, large storage basket, parent tray and waterproof liner for added comfort. The innovative technology features front swivel wheels, shock absorbers and rear brakes for easy manoeuvrability and ensuring your pet's safety. This model will accommodate one or two dogs up to 13.6kg in total.

Pet Gear Jogger - Rugged Red 

Whether you are an avid jogger or simply want an extra smooth ride for your pet, the Jogger No Zip Pet Stroller is the perfect fit for pets on the go. 

The Pet Gear Jogger features an elevated paw rest, allowing your pet to take advantage of the panoramic view window and innovative. The No-Zip technology gives you easy access to your pet whilst they remain safe and secure inside. 

Whether you’re jogging or strolling, the Pet Gear Jogger can navigate easily over rough terrain, thanks to the front locking wheel and air tires. The Jogger can handle a total weight of up to 34kg so now you can work on your resistance training and cardio at the same time!

Just learn to ignore the funny looks from passing runners!
It comes complete with a wheel air pump that can be stowed in the large storage basket. 

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $149.99 for the Happy Trails Stroller; $299.99 for the No Zip Pet Stroller  

For more information on this range, visit 

Please note that the range and colours may vary from store to store.

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