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RSPCA Animal Health - Allwormer & Heartwormer

RSPCA Animal Health Hearwormer & Allwormer
Australian dog lovers can now be "Twice the Pet Hero" with the first two products in the RSPCA Animal Health Products range released to the market this month by the RSPCA and IndyVet Animal Health Products.

The first two products released in the range are RSPCA Allwormer (for Cats and Dogs) and RSPCA Heartwormer (for Dogs).

"The RSPCA is delighted to be working with IndyVet to bring this range of products to Australian pet owners." said Heather Neil, RSPCA Australia CEO.

A portion of revenue from the sale of the RSPCA Animal Health Products supports the valuable work of the RSPCA. By choosing them, Australian pet owners can be "Twice the Pet Hero", protecting their own pets from nasty parasites and supporting the ongoing work of the RSPCA.

IndyVet reports that initial consumer demand for the product has been strong. With the strength of the RSPCA brand, it's hardly surprising, advises Dr Mark Perissinotto, IndyVet CEO and Chief Veterinary Officer.

According to research by the Guardian released last month, the RSPCA is the most influential animal welfare organisation in Australia. Perhaps to be expected when you remember that, in the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Survey, the RSPCA has been voted Australia's second most trusted Charity for multiple years running and has ranked highest for any animal welfare organisation.

"We're incredibly aware of the trust Australian pet owners put in the RSPCA" Dr Perissinotto said. "All involved have worked hard to ensure that the safety, quality and effectiveness of the RSPCA Animal Health Products are comparable to the leading brands in the market while also giving Australian pet owners an affordable and accessible option for regular parasite prevention".

RSCPA Heartwormer Tablets for Medium Dogs

RSPCA Heartwormer (for Dogs) is a monthly tablet preventing heartworm disease and is available in three sizes: 

* Small dogs (under 10 Kg)
* Medium dogs (11-20 Kg)
* Large dogs (21-40 Kg)
RSPCA Allwormer Tablets for Dogs

RSPCA Allwormer (for Dogs and Cats) is a 3-monthly treatment for the control of Roundworms, Whipworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, plus the Hydatid Tapeworm. 

It comes in one easy to administer tablet and is available in two dog sizes:

* 1 tablet per 10 Kg bodyweight
* 1 tablet per 40 Kg bodywight

Both products are APVMA approved and manufactured in Australia.

RSPCA Allwormer (for Cats and Dogs) and RSPCA Heartwormer (for Dogs) are already available for sale by vet clinics, pet shops, pharmacies and online retailers.

For more details and a list of stockists, visit


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