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Book Club October 2015 - Dog Rescue Special

Rescue Dogs - Heartwarming Tales of Dumped Dogs That Have Found Their Forever Homes
By Carey Edwards

This feel-good book will tug on the heartstrings of dog lovers everywhere, with 150 photos of joyous rescue dogs and tales of their happy-ever-afters, from Australian Working Dog Rescue. Featured in these pages are Australia's classic working breeds - Kelpies, Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, Koolies - that have been simply thrown on the scrapheap; dumped or surrendered to pounds across Australia. The lucky ones end up in the care of Carey and Di Edwards at Australian Working Dog Rescue and their Australia-wide team of volunteers and carers. Some have found new careers as blissful family pets and canine companions, while others have fulfilled their working-dog destinies on rural properties.

In these pages you'll also see wine dogs, army recruits, therapy dogs ... and dogs just hanging out, enjoying their new lives. From dumped dog to man's (and woman's) best friend, this book celebrates fresh starts, and the proceeds will help even more dogs find their 'furever' homes.

Publisher: ABC Books - Available: November 1
A$29.99 - Special price until December 31 at

DogTown: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption
by Stefan Bechtel

For America’s millions of pet owners eagerly seek new insights into animal behaviour, one of the most popular sources of compelling stories and practical advice is DogTown, the National Geographic Channel’s latest hit show.

A national rescue organization with more than 200,000 members, DogTown is the area where dogs live at the nation’s largest companion animal sanctuary run by Best Friends Animal Society. This informative, inspiring book presents representative stories of dogs considered unadoptable by other shelters. They come from many backgrounds: some were abandoned; some prowled the streets as strays; others suffer from mysterious illnesses, serious injuries, or antisocial behaviours that discourage potential adopters. But good fortune led them to Best Friends and the dedicated people devoted to helping them recover and find welcoming homes.

These compelling, winningly illustrated true stories, each uniquely moving and inspirational, draw upon the experience of veterinarians, trainers, and volunteers to probe a range of tough, touching cases that evoke both the joy and the occasional but inevitable heartbreak that accompanies this work. Each chapter follows a dog from the first day at Dogtown until he ultimately finds (or doesn’t find) a permanent new home, focusing both on the relationship between the dog and the Dogtown staff and on the latest discoveries about animal health and behaviour. We learn how dogs process information, how trauma affects their behaviour, and how people can help them overcome their problems. In the end, we come to see that there are no "bad dogs" and that with patience, care, and compassion, people can help dogs to heal.

Publisher: National Geographic, 304 pages
A$22.61 (on special) at

Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale - Stories from the Dog Rescue Railroad
by Deborah Eades

Are you a dog lover? Do you know one? Here is the perfect book for any dog lover! This is not just another book about dogs, but an inspiring book that follows several dogs from death row in a county dog pound to a new life with a loving family. This is all the work of the Dog Rescue Railroad - volunteer drivers who spend their weekends driving a shelter dog about 100 miles toward a better life in another state. 

These stories will make you cry at what these helpless animals have endured and then inspire you to want to help them in this small way to work toward the day when there will be no more homeless pets. In addition to these heartwarming and sometimes very funny stories, there are dozens of adorable photos of many rescued dogs. 

Most of the proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to animal rescue, so your purchase will help save even more lives. Help a homeless dog today and purchase your copy and one for a friend. Together we can make a difference, one dog at a time. 

Paperback, 144 pages
A$29.80 at

Choosing the Right Shelter Dog
by Jill Keaton

Adopting a shelter dog is a wonderful and noble decision but choosing the one that is right for you is by far the most important decision of all. While your heart may be in the right place, if you are unprepared, or allow your emotions to cloud the decision process, you could end up taking home the wrong dog. Remember the goal is not to make a quick decision but rather to make the right decision and to provide a forever home to a dog in need. Finding a shelter dog to match you, your lifestyle and your environment may not be easy, but the rewards will last a lifetime. The information in this book will not only help set you up for success, but give you the tools to make the best decision possible and serve as your road map as you journey down the path to find your four-legged soul mate.

Publisher: Outskirts Press Inc. - Paperback, 48 pages 
RRP: US$9.95 from Amazon and Outskirts Press.

Bad Dog to Best Friend
by Sharon Delarose

From bad dog to best friend, Dakota's story is a must for anyone with a problem dog. From "going potty" all over the house, chewing and destruction, Dakota was transformed into a dog who could be trusted with full run of the house all day.

She came to us as a used dog, abandoned by owners who couldn't handle her. When we first adopted Dakota from the dog pound she couldn't be left alone for one single minute. Dakota now brings us joy and laughter instead of "Don't Kill the Dog" sticky notes.

Don't give up on your dog and abandon him to a shelter. You have the power to save your dog from a life of revolving doors and people who don't want him. Locked inside of every bad dog is a good dog who just needs a bit of encouragement to come out. 

Bad Dog to Best Friend is full of dog training tips and advice and gives step-by-step methods for potty training your dog, weaning your dog from a crate, teaching your dog not to chew, and you'll get the inside scoop on why your dog doesn't listen to you. Learn about the common mistakes dog owners make. Every technique we used, both the successes and the failures, we offer in the hopes of helping other dog owners.

For those of you with Australian Cattle Dog/Siberian Husky mixes, there's a whole chapter devoted just to the Ausky breed. If you own an Ausky you're in for a wild ride. Learn what to expect from your Ausky and how to handle the quirks of this unusual breed.

Publisher: CreateSpace - Paperback, 180 pages
Available from online book stores and for Kindle via Amazon.

Monika's Rescues - 2016 Calendar

DoggieRescue 2016 Calendar - Photo: Monika's Rescues

At just A$15 each (less for multiples), the DoggieRescue 2016 calendars are the perfect Xmas gift for an Australian Dog Lover and are the main fundraiser for this no-kill Sydney shelter.

Available from October 31 from Doggie Rescue. 

Please note that Australian Dog Lover does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the commercial products listed in this article and they are listed for informational purposes only.


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