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The Torus Water Bowl

The Torus Water Bowl is an automatic self-filling water bowl and can store up to 2 litres in its thick reservoir walls.


The TORUS™ (which means ‘hollow circular ring’ in Latin) is a self-replenishing water bowl with in-built reservoir and a carbon filter system, removing debris and impurities in the water. It will hold up to 2 litres of water in the hidden reservoir built around the bowl, which is enough for a long hot day or a road trip.

The bowl itself is made out of tough, durable plastic with a rubber base for a non-slip surface which is fantastic if you have a dog like ours who likes to walk into his bowl…

With three settings, the Torus Water Bowl can be mechanically set to:
1.  Auto Dispense for your dog to drink
2. Unlocked cap for refilling
3. Locked cap for travelling

The charcoal filter provided should last up to a month and replacement filter cartridges are available.


  • Capacity: 2 litres 
  • Weight: 1.13 Kg 
  • Diameter: 29 cm 
  • Colours: Charcoal & White, Blue & White and Red & White. 
  • Warranty: 12 months


We received the bowl in a solid plastic shell that protected it for shipping but came off easily when I decided to use it. The bowl is sturdy and thanks to its low stable profile, it has not never been toppled by our boisterous dogs or clumsy passers-by (me), meaning less mess around our house.

Both dogs immediately ditched their old ceramic bowl and adopted their Torus straight away, not because they love novelty but probably because the water dispensed is always kept cooler in the thick reservoir walls. 

It is also nice and wide, providing easy access for larger dogs. I found myself having to refill less often however this will depend on the time of year, how many dogs use it and how much exercise they get that day!

It is easy to refill from a tap, jug or hose and there is no need to remove the filter during that process. 

Simply twist the cap to the Tap icon and it pops out allowing you to fill the bowl up until the filter cartridge is covered as per the instructions. 

Once filled, you simply put the cap back in, twist it around to the Dog icon, this will release only a small amount of water (2-3mm high) minimising splashes.

As soon as your dog drinks and the water level goes down, more water is released slowly to maintain the original level.

If you need to take a road trip, simply fill the bowl again and this time align the cap arrow with the lock symbol and it will not spill during transport. Being used to the same bowl at home and on the move means your dogs are happy to drink from it anywhere.


This is unusual but I could not fault the product itself as it delivered on all its promises and I could not see myself without one now.

My only bugbear is probably the cost of the replacement carbon filters.

You're supposed to change these monthly - we don't - and a pack of 5 will set you back a steep $29.99 ($6 each)! If your local store does not have them in stock, then you'll need to add shipping costs.


I think this is a fantastic product for any dog owner looking for a water bowl that will neither spill nor topple and won’t need constant refilling. The 1l version is perfect for cats or smaller dog breeds.

You can leave for work on a hot summer morning knowing your dog will have an adequate constant supply of fresh water for the day ahead.

For active families who take road trips with their dog(s), it is a great addition to your travel pack, as it is as appropriate outdoors as it is for normal everyday in-home use.


RRP: $69.95 (1L or 2L bowl) from


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