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The Foobler: Interactive Puzzle Feeding Toy

The Foobler is an interactive puzzle feeding toy which will deliver kibble or treats only after your dog hears the bell.


It is an automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder with 6 timer-activated pods inside a hard plastic sphere and comes with a removable battery pack (2 AA batteries), a motor to change the active compartment, and a mechanical bell.

The timer can be set for four different intervals (15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes). The toy is weighted to make it wobble and kibble or treats will fall out of a hole when it is rolled around.

As soon as you have inserted the batteries and set your timer interval, simply fill the Food pod with your dog’s favourite kibble (or wet food if not sticky) or treats and twist the lid to lock it in place. 

Once you press the power button, a light flashes green whilst the bell rings. This means the Foobler is about to open its first compartment and release kibble as your dog rolls it around the floor.

The idea is that your dog’s fun gets spread throughout the day because only one chamber is open at a time, and the timer determines when the next one becomes available.


We love the bright 2-colour design and we were pleasantly surprised by the toy’s weight and quality when it was delivered just in time for our dogs' Christmas! We also like how the food compartment and the battery pack are separate (opposite ends) which means you can swap or recharge the batteries without the food falling out if you are halfway through a cycle.

It is very easy to open and close and both lids shut with a nice snap.

The Food Pod and lid are also washable using warm soapy water which you may want to do after a few uses to keep them clean. The item is highly durable and free of BFA plastic which is safer for your dog and environmentally friendly.

The Foobler will hold up to 2 cups of kibble so if you know you’re likely to come home late from work , this is not a bad idea to set your intervals at 90mn before you leave in the morning (this will spread the fun over 7.5 hours!). This will ensure you don't come home to a very cranky and hungry dog!

We particularly love using it on cold rainy days when you may have to forego your daily walk but would like to provide some mental stimulation for your dog. You may not hear the bell is ringing but your dog will  -even from the other side of the house - and he will run to get his Foobler fun time!


This product (like all dog toys) comes with a disclaimer that even though it is highly durable, aggressive chewers need to be supervised until they understand that the kibble will only be delivered once the bell had rung. It should not be used if your dog’s jaw size is larger than 6 inches (sphere size) which would leave the giant breeds (Great Danes, Mastiffs etc.) out.

Having witnessed our first Foobler being damaged I can confirm that if you have a determined dog - our Malinois truly earnt his nickname of "Maligator", you should not allow him to play unsupervised as he can start chewing or gnawing. A smart dog is capable of unscrewing the lid to get to the treats all at once, as he can both smell and hear there is food left in his toy.

Of our three dogs, only Porthos seems to enjoy the Foobler whilst his siblings ignore it completely or just follow lazily behind in case anything kibble was missed.

I would dedicate some time to introduce your dog to the toy when you have plenty of time over the week-end and monitor their behaviour closely. If they continue to play and start chewing after a compartment has been emptied, take the Foobler away and reintroduce it to your dog at the next bell alert to reinforce the link between this sound and the food being available again.


There are many static food/treat dispensers out there and but we think this toy is a fantastic concept to engage your dog in working for his "existential food", even if it is just rolling a sphere around and it will certainly break the tedium of a long rainy afternoon.

If your dog is small/medium, you should be able to safely leave them with their toy whilst at work and choose the longer setting of 60 or 90 minutes.


RRP: $49 from

Note: This is not a paid or compensated review, but the review of a product we purchased for our own use. We enjoy sharing information about products you may like or find useful and you’ll always receive our honest and unbiased opinion. 

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