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Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day - June 21

Get ready for National Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 21, 2024!

#TYDTWD is always very exciting, especially if you hate the gruelling daily commute to the office however for many dogs, there haven't been as many opportunities to practice social etiquette during their formative years due to the lockdowns...

We sought the expertise of Melbourne-based Dog Trainer Adriana Milne from Pet Pals Dog Training to ensure this day runs smoothly for both dogs and their humans.

How cool is that? I can see few wagging tails jumping of joy!

Take Your Dog To Work Day’ was initiated by Patti Moran, the Founder & CEO of Pet Sitters International (PSI) in 1999. This very special day was created to encourage businesses and employers to bring their pets to the workplace and to promote the wonderful benefits of pet ownership, encourage pet adoptions and to offer a great experience to non pet owners of having pets around them.

Since then it has become a worldwide event which is absolutely huge in the USA and UK, with hundreds of businesses participating in it annually! In Australia:

✔️ 69% of Australian households now own a pet, with dogs being the most common (47% or an estimated 6.3 million dogs), followed by cats at around 30% [1].

✔️ we do participate in this awesome day too and

✔️ it would be great if more businesses and workplaces were to become involved this year!

The benefits of having pets around us are immense. They give us a sense of joy, improve our mental health and wellbeing
For the bosses reading this, I’m sure your employees will absolutely ‘love you!’ for this. You’ll be top boss at least for one day! Kudos to you… 

It can be a very positive experience for both the people and the dogs involved, boosting staff morale and productivity. Your non-pet owners workmates will see how incredible the animal/human bond can be, enjoy the interactions with your pet and may even consider bringing a dog into their lives or adopting one in the near future.

And if the day is a success it could become a regular occurrence – why not have dogs coming to the office on a weekly or fortnightly basis? Paws for thought…

Important points to consider:

1. Check with your boss or workplace first and if they have any policies for allowing pets into the office / workplace?

2. Check with your workmates if it’s ok to do it – as some people may be allergic to dogs or simply may not feel comfortable having them around...

3. Would bringing your dog to work disrupt your daily working schedule or not?

✔️ make a list of all that’s required for you to bring to work with your dog

✔️ put them all aside the evening before so it’s all ‘ready to go’ in the morning and you won’t forget any doggy day’s essentials

✔️ if you have been running a bit behind with your work, it may not be a good idea to bring your dog around this time…

Is my dog suitable to take part in TWDTWD?

Pumba, the Labrador pup loves
his trips to Bunnings
1. Is your dog up to it?

The last two years have been very unusual for us and our dogs.

During Covid-19, our dogs were more used to us working from home, they didn’t have the same opportunities to meet other dogs and new people as per other ‘normal’ years, so you need to make sure you can set your dog up for success here!

2. Dog’s temperament: social with people and other dogs?

Only sociable dogs – okay with meeting strangers, new people AND other dogs, should apply to take part in TWDTWD.

3. Exercise: 

Allow for a lunch break outing for your dog to stretch its paws and for both of you to get some fresh air.

4. Toilet breaks: 

It all depends on your dog’s age! Puppies will need to ‘wee & potty’ more often. But all dogs will need to have toilet breaks during the day so bring some biodegradable poo bags with you to work too!

5. Length of time your dog will be there: plan for it!

Have enough ‘chewy treats’, food dispensing toys, fluffy toys he/ she loves (but no squeaky please so as to not disturb the serenity) and enough things to distract your dog and pass the time whilst there. 

Set time aside for your puppy / dog to take a ‘nap’ or ‘siesta’ time after lunch.

6. Music sets the scene: 

You Tube has some pretty cool channels with calm and relaxing music for dogs. You can put one of these channels on whilst you work and have your dog by your side. She / he will be snoozing in no time!

7. Basic training:

Can my dog settle on the mat/bed for longer periods of time?

Your dog will need to be able to ‘settle on the mat’ and be calm there while you work. So practice some more ‘mat training’ & ‘settling’ exercises at home before the big day comes. 

You can’t have your dog running around the office and disturbing your workmates!

8. Spot for your dog: 

Beside your work desk, away from power cords and cables, heaters, a calm place free of draughts and away from noise or high transit areas so no one can stumble on your doggy set-up!

9. If other dogs come to the office too: 

If they haven’t met before, get them to meet outside first and maybe even to go for a short walk together, so no dog runs the risk of becoming territorial about its surroundings.

What to pack for your dog for the Big Day:

✔️ Dog mat or comfy dog bed

✔️ Toys, dog treats, food dispensing toys

✔️ Favourite plush toy

✔️ Water / Dog bowl

✔️ Blanket if winter time

✔️ Dog poo bags

✔️ Check your dog is wearing an up-to-date ID Tag

✔️ Collar & Lead

✔️ Any baby gate or divider if needed to keep your dog in a specific area close to you

✔️ Lots of enthusiasm!! You'll need it...

Fun activities you can plan for the day:

✔️ Photo session for participants and their dogs.

✔️ You can then post those photos to your company's website or blog and social media channels for exposure.

Porthos: "I could do this! Or I could do that?"

✔️ Have an animal shelter or rescue group dropping by with some suitable dogs ready for adoption to introduce them to your workplace employee.

✔️ "Paws" at work: why not order some doggy treats / cookies for a doggie morning tea?

✔️ You could also organise a prize for the winning dog of "Coolest Dog Trick of the Day" and a little 'memento' for all other participants!

If your 'terrible, horrible, no good' boss says "No!"

✔️ Your workplace may not be suitable or safe to have dogs there.

Porthos recently joined Zoom to watch the
Guide Dogs pups at the Glossodia Training Centre
✔️ You can still take part in celebrating ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day 2022’ by helping raise money for animal charities in your city that may need your support.

✔️ Organise a ‘Lunch & Learn Webinar’ guest speaker for your staff to watch during lunchbreak, covering an educational animal or pet-related topic, such as dog nutrition, dog health, dog training or you could have the local animal shelter talk to you all about pet adoption via Zoom.

✔️ Have a ‘Therapy Dog’ or ‘Assistance Dog’ drop by to visit your business.

More pawsome tips for a great day:

✔️ It’d be a good idea to exercise your dog earlier that day before bringing it into work!

✔️ Once you arrive at work, introduce your dog to the people and other dogs there ‘calmly’, with no high pitched voices!

✔️ Keep rewarding ‘calm behaviour’ often.

✔️ Better not let your dog access the staff kitchen area!

Importantly, remember to have lots of fun with your dog, let it enjoy your workmates and make new friendships too and cherish the whole experience! Share the joy by sharing him with others…

Be confident to guide him around and I’m sure it’ll all go great and that your dog will be the ‘star’ of the day. He may be even invited to ‘drop by’ more often. You wish…

written by Adriana Milne, from Pet Pals Dog Training, May 2022 for Australian Dog Lover (all rights reserved).

[1] Pets and the Pandemic - Pet Ownership 2021 (Animal Medicines Australia)

About our writer

Adriana Milne has been running Pet Pals Dog Traininga dog training business situated in Melbourne South Eastern suburbs, since 2001.

In 2008, she qualified as a Delta Society dog trainer and added dog training to her business. She holds a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services - Delta Society Australia and a Diploma of Hospitality Management. She's currently a member of professional associations: Pet Professional Guild AustraliaDelta Institute and APDT Australia.

Adriana with her active Cocker Spaniel Kelly
She has run Puppy & Junior Puppy School, Life Skills & Pet Manners for 8 years in
vet clinics, for Dogs Victoria and many other venues.
Since 2020, she's working as a full-time dog trainer with a focus on private home dog training and behavioural modification consultations plus private puppy & pet dog classes in person and via Zoom (private consultations
to any areas around Australia and overseas).

She liaises with Vet Behaviour professionals and regularly refer cases to them.
She enjoys working one-on-one with her clients - ranging from 6 to 84 years of age! - helping them achieve their goals with their beloved pet dogs, catering for all dog breeds and all sizes!

Adriana loves teaching and educating people about their pet dogs and helping them build forever everlasting relationships with their companion animals.

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