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Guide Dogs Australia PAWGUST - August 2024

Prepare to embark on an uplifting journey with a four-legged friend this August: PAWGUST awaits!

Join Guide Dogs for a month-long adventure guaranteed to set tails wagging. The challenge is simple: get out and about for daily walks or runs throughout the month. 

Whether you aim for 60km, 100km, or an impressive 125km, each step you take will make a paw-sitive impact. You don’t even need a dog to sign up!

PAWGUST isn't just about fitness; it's a chance to support Guide Dog pups on their journey to becoming life-changing companions. Since its inception in 2018, PAWGUST fundraisers have helped train 134 Guide Dogs and raised an impressive $6.7 million.

Guide Dogs Australia relies heavily on community support, as minimal government funding is received. 

Your contributions help fund essential services like Guide Dogs, Orientation and Mobility Services, Psychology Services, and more, empowering individuals with low vision, blindness or other specialised needs to enhance their independence, safety and confidence.

But that's not all! As you rack up kilometres, you'll unlock exclusive PAWGUST rewards. Register today and go into the draw to win some PAWsome exclusive prizes!

Meet Alana and her Guide Dog, Rocket

University student and second-year PAWGUST participant Alana, shares her story of how Guide Dog Rocket has given her the confidence to attend lectures in-person and join uni life with her peers.

"Having Rocket has made an enormous difference to my life. I wouldn't leave the house nearly as much. I would have chosen to study online and would miss out on so much."

Alana shared that she often walked into obstacles while using a white cane, but Rocket helps her to walk away from them, providing her with a feeling of safety and independence.
"It's hard to realise the impact of a Guide Dog if you haven't met someone like me. The work that Guide Dogs do is really changing people's lives."
Let's walk, run, and change lives, one step at a time. Are you ready? Let the PAWGUST adventure begin!

Visit to register and learn more about this incredible event.

If you’re not able to lend a paw and get involved with PAWGUST this year, you can support Alana and Rocket by donating here:

Share your PAWGUST journey using #PAWGUST and inspire others to join the pack!

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