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A Third of Aussie Pets Are Rescue Animals

A new survey reveals more than 36% of pets in Australia are adopted

This includes council pounds, animal shelters, rescue groups and stray animals, whilst registered breeders were the second-most popular source for pets after adoption.

New research from Compare the Market reveals that pet adoption is the most popular method of getting a new pet.

Of all the pet owners Compare the Market surveyed, 36.2% rescued or adopted their pets. Registered breeders were the next most popular source, with 20.3% of pets coming from a registered breeder.

Friends and family were the third-biggest source for pets – and given the context these may also be considered rescues or adoptions. Pet shops only accounted for 16.4% of pets covered in the survey.

Online marketplaces only accounted for 6.7% of pets, while surprise gifts were rare – only 1% of pets were received as a surprise.

The table below shows the ways pet owners have acquired their pets.

All pets are different, but there are specific traits and characteristics people will look for when they buy a new pet.

The top traits and characteristics people look for are:

1. Temperament – 58.8%

2. Size – 56.8%

3. Breed – 43.2%

4. Hypoallergenic/not shedding – 28.5%

5. Purchase cost – 28.5%

6. The pet’s history – 23.4%

7. Energy levels – 23.2%

Regardless of how Australians acquire their pets, pet insurance can help owners have peace of mind knowing that they can have coverage for vet bills from illnesses and accidents.

Adrian Taylor, Executive General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market, explains that no matter how you acquire your pets, it pays to compare when it comes to insurance.

“It’s clear that the majority of people like the idea of giving pets a new home. Not only is it a very kind thing to do, but in many cases it can be cheaper than other options.

“Regardless of how you got your pet, comparing pet insurance can help you weigh up options and potentially save money while helping care for your new furry friend.”

To see statistics for pet behaviour and to learn more about the survey, visit:

MEDIA RELEASE, 7th June 2024


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