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International Guide Dogs Day Puppy Meet & Greet - April 24

Paws what you’re doing: Seeing Eye Dogs hosts puppy meet and greet event for International Guide Dogs Day

This International Guide Dogs Day, Wednesday 24th April, Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs will host a meet and greet event in collaboration with Metro Trains at Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station to spread joy and puppy cuddles to commuters.

Each year, Seeing Eye Dogs breeds more than 200 puppies that enter the Seeing Eye Dogs program, providing life-changing support to Australians who are blind or have low vision.

According to Seeing Eye Dogs’ manager of puppy development Jane Bradley, Seeing Eye Dogs is looking to place over 20 puppies in loving homes by the end of next month.

“We are on the hunt for compassionate Aussies who can care for the puppies for up to 12 months. Puppy carers play an integral role in the journey of a Seeing Eye Dog, providing important socialisation skills and basic training,” said Jane.

“The earlier we can place a puppy with a carer, the earlier they can start learning the skills and behaviours they need to be a Seeing Eye Dog, helping people who are blind or have low vision to lead an active and independent life.

“Not only do our carers get to welcome an adorable puppy into their home, but they also get to feel good knowing they’ve helped to potentially change the life of someone who is blind or has low vision.”

Commuters and passersby will have the chance to chat with Seeing Eye Dogs puppy development trainers and other puppy carers about what is involved in becoming a puppy carer and how to apply.

“We are delighted to celebrate the invaluable service that our Seeing Eye Dogs provide, this International Guide Dogs Day, with the help of our fellow Aussies.”

What: Seeing Eye Dogs - Puppy Meet & Greet Event

When: Wednesday 24th April, 10:30 am to 12:30pm

Where: Flinders Street Train Station (outside platforms 6 and 7).

Meet and greet adorable Seeing Eye Dogs pups like Pharaoh & Poppet

About Seeing Eye Dogs

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs is the only national provider, trainer, and breeder of Seeing Eye Dogs in Australia.

Our Seeing Eye Dogs support people across the country who are blind or have low vision to live safe, active and independent lives.

Visit our website at

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