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The Little Grey Film: documentary on Australia's Greyhound racing industry

Greyhound film premiere donating 100% of ticket profits to charity

Do you love dogs? Do you love movies, live music and food? 

The Australian premieres for a new dog-umentary promises all of this, and to donate 100% of profits made from ticket sales to organisations who rescue and help greyhounds. What could be a better afternoon out?

From Director Indy Davies comes ‘The Little Grey Film’, a short documentary about Australia’s biggest shame: Greyhound racing.

Through candid interviews with politicians, rescue organisations, and other Greyhound owners, the film unveils the dark underbelly of Australia’s Greyhound racing industry, the largest in the world, which exploits and endangers our best friends for profit.

It’s not all bad news though, as it also features a stacked lineup of furry talent, who show us the true nature of the somewhat misunderstood Greyhound; that they are loveable goofballs, who make the best family pets.

Join Indy and the canine cast at Mo's on Sunday 29th October 2023, and support the thousands of dogs who currently need help, and the volunteers who work tirelessly to do this. 100% of profits from ticket sales will be donated to Coalition for the Protection for Greyhounds and Friends of the Hound.

Queensland Premiere:

The event will kick off at midday with a greyhound meetup in Mo's El Ranchero beer garden, where there will also be market stalls, as well as a margarita bar and food truck. The audience will then be privy to the premiere screening of the internationally award-winning documentary, followed by live music from secret supergroup, The Ded Bets, as well as songstress, Fiona Franklin, and Brisbane cabaret punks, Plant Based Disgrace.

When: Sunday 29th October 2023

The Little Grey Film | Queensland Premiere

Victoria Premiere:

The premiere will take place at the charming Thornbury Picture House, and all ticket holders will be catered for with vegan drinks and desserts. After the screening of the internationally lauded documentary, there will be talks by both the film's director, Indy Davies, and Victoria's own Georgie Purcell, MP for the Animal Justice Party

When: Saturday 2nd December 2023

Ticket and location details to follow.
100% of ticket sales profits will be donated to Greyt Greys.

South Australia Premiere

When: Thursday 7th December 2023, at The Regal Theatre

European Premiere:

It has now been announced that The Little Grey Film will also be officially screening at the S.O.F.A Film Festival for wildlife and conservation, which will be its premiere in front of a European audience. 

When: October 1st-16th 2023

MEDIA RELEASE, 2nd October 2023

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