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Petgood launches Dental Sticks for Dogs in Australia

Swedish-founded, sustainable global food tech company Petgood, marks Australian launch with locally manufactured Dental Stick for Dogs

Petgood, the leading Nordic insect-based pet food company, is thrilled to announce their launch of their first Australian product, a locally manufactured Dental Stick for Dogs.

Founded in Sweden in 2020, Petgood retails a full range of insect-based nutrition products for dogs and cats across Europe, including complete and balanced feeds as well as complementary products such as dental sticks and treats. The company is excited to be introducing their brand to the Australian pet-parent community.

Petgood’s Lead Veterinarian, Australian based Dr Nicky Sluczanowski, has had a key role in educating the European market about the health benefits of insect-based pet food. Conscious pet parents have happily adopted the trend, noticing both health and sustainability benefits for their pets and the planet.

Dr Sluczanowski says: “Black Soldier Fly larvae yield highly digestible sources of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals; as well as providing incredibly resource-efficient and sustainable feed ingredients. 
Insect protein can be very useful for pets with sensitivities to more traditional protein ingredients, and pets love the taste! 

Our product development is based on the latest science and research, and Petgood is actively involved in contributing to this via collaborative research projects with leading European academic institutions.”

The Australian launch comes off the back of Petgood’s recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results, finding the company saves over a thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions every year with their insect-based pet food, for which the footprint is up to 5 times lower than that of traditional alternatives.

CEO and Founder Pernilla Westergren says: “Petgood was founded to provide premium nutrition for pets in a sustainable and transparent fashion. We are seeing rapid growth of the market interest in insect-based pet products in Europe.

Petgood has developed strong partnerships with leading European veterinary, breeder and pet specialty retail groups; and we are very excited to be introducing the Australian market to the many pet and planet benefits of insect-based companion animal nutrition.”

Price & Where to Buy:

Petgood’s Dental Sticks for Dogs featuring Australian insect-protein will be available from 19th October 2023 via and will retail at $13.99.

Trade enquiries from Australian stockists are also welcome.

You can follow Petgood on Instagram and on Facebook at

MEDIA RELEASE, 19th October 2023

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