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Barking with Bianca launches Doggy Day Care Service in Sydney

Bianca Santucci of Barking With Bianca is a name synonymous with exceptional pet care. Bianca proudly runs her award winning* and highly reputable dedicated dog sitting service committed to providing unparalleled care for dogs and pets in the local community.

Ms Santucci proudly announces the launch of Barking With Bianca’s Doggy Day Care Service, in Sydney's Hills District, where pets can enjoy 4-6 hours of playtime, socialisation with other furry friends, and individual attention in a safe and supervised environment.

With extensive experience an an unwavering passion for animals, Bianca ensures that each pet receives individual attention and support, delivering a service that is both unique and personalised. 

Bianca holds a Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour, First Aid for humans and animals, a Certificate of Advanced Canine Behaviour, as well as basic feline studies, basic livestock studies, and basic vet care studies.

Bianca takes immense pride in her professional training and certifications related to dog sitting and animal care and she possesses the necessary expertise to address any situation that may arise, ensuring the wellbeing of her furry charges.

As a seasoned dog sitter and owner with many years of full-time dedicated experience, Bianca fully grasps the significance of making dogs and pets feel comfortable and secure in their environment.

Her profound understanding of the responsibilities and needs of pets under her care has solidified her reputation as a trusted and compassionate pet sitter. 
"I have always had a passion for pets and wanted to create a special and unique service to assist the community," says Bianca. 

"I believe in building strong bonds with the dogs and pets I care for, ensuring their happiness, safety, and comfort in their surroundings."

One of the cornerstones of Bianca's approach lies in the emphasis on establishing a bond and building trust with the dogs she cares for. 

Spending quality time with each pet, engaging in interactive activities, and providing a calm and nurturing environment, Bianca ensures that the dogs and animals under her care feel safe and content when their owners are away.

Beyond daily activities that keep the dogs mentally and physically stimulated, such as social outdoor sessions, training, and interactive playtime, Bianca actively encourages and facilitates socialisation opportunities with other dogs and their owners. 

This not only benefits the dogs but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among pet owners.
"By providing exceptional care for dogs and pets, we contribute to the overall wellbeing of the community," beams Bianca. 
"We have witnessed positive changes within the community, with dog owners organising meetups and forming new friendships, all stemming from their connection with our services."

Choosing a dog sitter that offers dog owners the peace of mind that their beloved pets are receiving one-on-one care from a trusted professional can be an overwhelming task. 

The personalised attention, regular exercise routines, mental stimulation, and safe outdoor activities provided by Bianca ensure that dogs receive the highest quality care, surpassing the alternatives of boarding or other forms of care.

With a passion for animals and a commitment to their well-being, Bianca, along with her team of experienced caregivers, provides individual attention, safety, and happiness to every dog under their care. With years of experience and professional training, Bianca ensures that each pet's needs are met while building a strong bond within the community.

The areas serviced by Barking with Bianca include: Kings Langley, Blacktown, Lalor Park, Winston Hills, Quakers Hill, Stanhope Gardens, The Ponds, Schofields, Richmond, Windsor, South Windsor, Kings Park, Kurrajong, Kurrajong Heights, East Kurrajong, Grose Wold, Grose Vale, North Richmond, Parklea, Seven Hills, Prospect, Rooty Hills, Riverstone, Kellyville Ridge, Rouse Hill, Box Hill, The Gables, McGraths Hill.

Barking with Bianca Doggy Day Care runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 2pm.

For more information, visit the website:

Follow Barking with Bianca on Facebook at and @bwbbarkingwith on Instagram. 

Hawkesbury Business Awards 2023, Blacktown Small Business Awards 2020, Australia Ladies in Business Initiative Awards 2022, Nomination for Western Sydney University's  Woman of the West Award for Community Work

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