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McDowell's Herbal new Roar dog supplements

Introducing Roar: the revolutionary superfood range for your best mate

McDowell's Herbal, a trailblazer in alternative medicine and a premier Australian provider of natural animal healthcare solutions, proudly presents its innovative Roar range of supplement pastes designed to bolster the health and wellbeing of your beloved canine companions. 

The Roar formulas are designed to accommodate canines across the health spectrum, from those in peak condition whose owners are seeking preventive supplements to those requiring targeted support for specific health challenges.

Under the expert supervision of Catherine McDowell, Director and Master Herbalist at McDowell's Herbal, the company formulates top-tier remedies that elevate animal health and wellbeing, adhering to the highest Australian manufacturing standards.

Catherine and her team of specialists at McDowell's Herbal take great pride in creating reliable, results-driven herbal programs founded on cutting-edge research and developed in partnership with veterinarians. To demonstrate their unwavering commitment to offering the best possible care to pet owners, they provide complimentary consultations, offering tailored recommendations to guarantee the best outcomes for your cherished pet.

"Our Roar pastes, crafted from 100% authentic, natural ingredients, are created to promote internal health and wellbeing, allowing pet owners to choose their dog's preferred fresh protein and simply add Roar to create a balanced diet," says Catherine McDowell.

The Roar diet supports a robust digestive system, radiant coats and clear skin, healthier teeth and gums, improved joint mobility, and fortified immune health. The Roar range features five powerful formulas, incorporating potent, natural ingredients like alfalfa leaf powder, aloe vera powder, amla powder, barley grass powder, beef collagen, beetroot powder, and many more, carefully chosen for their multitude of health benefits:

Roar Original: Designed for healthy dogs and those with general wellness concerns.

✔️ Roar Mobility: Created to enhance joint movement and mobility.

✔️ Roar Big C: Formulated to fortify immune health and reduce inflammation.

✔️ Roar Sensitive Gut: Developed to support digestive system health and alleviate sensitivity.

✔️ Roar Skin Issue: Crafted to promote healthy skin and coat.

"Embrace the Roar-revolution and provide your best mate with the healthiest and most natural diet possible," says Catherine McDowell. 

"Our Roar range is made in Australia from the finest quality ingredients and is recommended for all dogs, with glowing testimonials from satisfied pet owners across the nation and endorsed by experts who have witnessed remarkable results in a short timeframe."

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Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $60.50 for Roar Original, Roar Mobility, Roar Big C, Roar Sensitive Gut, Roar Skin Issue from

About McDowell's Herbal

McDowell's Herbal has been a trusted name in herbal medicine for over 30 years. Specialising in alternative healthcare solutions for people, horses, dogs, and cats, McDowell's is dedicated to providing the highest quality herbal treatments to support the health and wellbeing of their clients and their pets.

MEDIA RELEASE, 27th June 2023

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