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Dog Lovers Book Club - May 2023

Make this Mother's Day 2023 special with a selection of book ideas from our latest Dog Lovers Book Club; there's a gift for every mum and dog loving kid!

by Katherine Kovacic

Australians love dogs - big dogs, little dogs, fluffy couch potatoes and hardy working dogs. In fact, we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. Australia's Dogs is a celebration of the dog in Australian life, exploring the human-canine bond, and reflecting on the crucial role played by dogs in our life and work.

Embark on an outback adventure with
Francis Birtles and his various faithful canine companions. Discover the incredible endurance of Mawson's Huskies in frozen Antarctica. Learn more about Australia's home-grown dog breeds that played a central role in the development of pastoral industries, as well as the iconic Dingo and its place in Indigenous life, as well as the Australian ecosystem, today.

Australia's Dogs is generously illustrated with images drawn from the rich collections of the National Library of Australia. Some simply capture a photographer's love for their own dog, while others tell epic tales of survival in harsh conditions, comment on an element of social history or record a significant moment. 

As the incredible variety of images shows, the story of dogs in Australia is a subject that is historically significant, with a broad and enduring appeal.

Hardback, 224 pages
Publisher: National Library of Australia, 1st May 2023

Price: $31.75 from

by Josephine Moon

Phoenix Rose is a 35-year-old neurodivergent teacher who is at a crossroads in her career and in her relationship with her boyfriend, Zack. With her sick leave finished, her principal demands she return to school, whether Phoenix feels ready or not. But when she receives an urgent plea from a friend in Tasmania who needs to rehome her beloved animals, Phoenix, who has always led with her heart, spontaneously decides to help.

When she suddenly finds herself the custodian of an eccentric dog, two cats, a clutch of chickens and a geriatric pony, she makes another snap decision - to provide a new home for them all herself. The trouble is, she will have to drive the menagerie all the way back to Brisbane in time to return to Zack and her job - and she cannot do it alone.

She enlists the help of Lily - a colourful younger woman who, like Phoenix, is autistic - as well as resourceful members of their online community. Together the new friends must navigate unexpected twists, setbacks and moments of heartbreak and triumph as they both move towards a new identity and understanding of themselves.

As well, they seem to be collecting ever-more stray animals along the journey...

The Wonderful Thing about Phoenix Rose is a joyful and moving tale of a woman's commitment to fulfilling a friend's dying wish, while finding her own inner strength and power and sharing it with others along the way.

Paperback, 352 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, 18th April 2023

Price: $26.95 from

Tips, Activities and Inspiration for the Ultimate Dog Lover

by Charlie Ellis

Home is where your dog is...

When you’re a dog parent you know that life just isn’t complete without your canine companion by your side. 

Packed with trivia and puzzles, quotes and crafts, care tips and even tricks to teach your dog, this trusty little book is a celebration of all things canine perfect for anyone whose best friend has four legs, a wet nose and a wagging tail.

Hardcover, 160 pages
Publisher: Hachette Australia, Imprint: Summersdale, 28th September 2021

RRP: $19.99 from all good bookstores and online. 
For details, visit  

Satisfyingly Difficult Dot-to-Dot Puzzles

by Jennie Edwards (Illustrator)

Dog-loving puzzlers will love chewing on these relaxing dot-to-dots.

Fall in love with these cunningly canine line art puzzles! Twenty new illustrations from the talented hand of Jennie Edwards will keep you guessing right to the end - when each reveals a loveable dog doing something irresistibly doggy.

The photography is by Instagram sensation Doggy Pawtraits, and the puzzles have been prepared and tested by the same team that created the first ever series of dot-to-dot puzzles for grown-ups.

They revealed legions of enthusiastic dot-to-dot fans who will be thrilled to discover these brand new challenges!

Paperback, 48 pages
Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd, 28th February 2023

Price: $14.00 from


by Josephine Cameron

In this stand-alone middle-grade novel set in the same world as A Dog-Friendly Town, Josephine Cameron delivers a mystery full of prime-time puppers, Houdini-inspired whodunits, and a reminder that puzzles are best solved with a little teamwork.

Eleven-year-old Rondo McDade is starting to feel left out. His older brother, Epic, is heading into high school, and his younger sister, Elvis, is always mad at him. His parents keep pushing him out of their dog-friendly bed and breakfast, the Perro del Mar, and into the company of the new kid in town while a famous TV show films on location at the Perro.

It's an important week for the town, and everyone knows Rondo has a history of causing trouble. Even if he doesn't mean to.

But when canine actors start to disappear, including Carmelito's most beloved celebrity doggo, Pico Boone, Rondo is sure he knows who did it. Can he win back his family's trust and crack the case before Pico is lost forever?

Hardcover, 336 pages
Publisher: Farrar Strauss & Giroux, 11th April 2023
For Ages: 8 - 12 years old

RRP: $37.90 at

by David Walliams

The hilarious new illustrated children’s book for 2023 from the bestselling author!

Enter a world of superheroes and villains in this action-packed comic caper from No.1 bestselling author David Walliams – and meet Robodog: the future of crime fighting!

Welcome to the city of Bedlam. Enter if you dare!

Bedlam is one of the most dangerous places on Earth – home to a host of wicked villains. Nothing and nobody are safe from these evil criminals. The city needs its own superhero to defeat the supervillains. But who?


The newest recruit at the Police Dog School, and supercharged for adventure. But can he stop the most feared duo in Bedlam, and their evil plans to ruin the city . . .?

Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 5th April 2023
For Ages: 7+ years old

RRP: $12.00 at

by Kate Foster, illustrated by Sophie Beer 

A brand new adventure for junior readers from Kate Foster.

The world's happiest and most dog-friendly superhero is here! 

Meet Harriet Hound. She's eight years old and loves dogs!

But Harriet has something else that makes her super... the power to summon the dogs from her family's rescue shelter every time there’s trouble afoot.

Whether it's a carnival catastrophe, a sudden storm, or vanishing vegetables, Harriet and her best dog friends use their super special talents and problem-solving skills to save the day!

Publisher: Walker Books Australia, 2nd May 2023
For Ages: 6 - 10 years old

RRP: $15.99 at

A Giant Dog’s Magical Holiday

by Kobe the Pyr, illustrated by Kellie Mar

Who is leaving mysterious objects all over Kobe Island? And more importantly, why?

Join Kobe for the adventure of a lifetime as his quest to solve the mystery leads him from the tropical sands of Kobe Island to an imposing castle far away. Guarded by a slobber-breathing dragon and home to a wizard who knows everything, could anything less than pure magic be waiting for Kobe?

Kobe Island: A Giant Dog’s Magical Holiday is Kobe’s first children’s book and is illustrated by local Blue Mountains artist Kellie Mar. The magical storyline and stunning illustrations will be enjoyable for all ages – including grown-ups who are kids at heart.

For Ages: from 6-10 years old

RRP: $17.99 from 

A History of Our Best Friends

by Lita Judge

Of all the animals on the planet, dogs have the widest range of roles in our daily lives. They're protectors, helpers, lifesavers-but most of all, they're family.

And they've taken a fascinating journey to get to this point. Long ago, early wolves evolved from fierce predators into trusted partners. They became dogs! While we know dogs to be lovable and full of personality, they have also historically improved our lives in many practical ways, like guarding livestock to help humans form the first settlements, cleaning out infectious wounds, and finding food. Covering over 50,000 years of history, from cave-dwelling to the present day, Dogs chronicles fascinating scientific details and the history of how dogs learned to live cooperatively alongside humans.

In this beautifully illustrated and thoroughly researched book, Lita Judge explores how our lives are intertwined with dogs'-and that's what makes them our best friends.

Hardcover, 56 pages
Publisher: ABRAMS, 20th April 2023
For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

Price: $28.90 from

Netflix Go, Dog. Go!

by Random House

Celebrate Mother's Day with Tag, Scooch, and all their friends in this all-new storybook based on the Netflix Go, Dog. Go! animated series.

Children ages 3 to 7, will love to read how Tag discovers all the amazing things moms do in this 24-page Go, Dog. Go! storybook. 

Based on the P.D. Eastman bestselling classic, Go, Dog. Go! is a Netflix animated series for pre-schoolers about community, friendship, and family.

Paperback, 24 pages
Publisher: Random House US, 4th April 2023
For Ages: 3 - 7 years old

RRP: $9.99 from

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