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Autopetz Luxury Pet Travel Couch for Car Travels

The new pet product that’s on everyone’s wishlist!

Struggling to find the paw-fect car seat for your precious fur baby? Look no further than the Autopetz Travel Couch, the pet car seat that is going viral around Australia.

It all began with a team of passionate pet owners who were frustrated by the lack of high-quality pet travel products on the market. 

They scoured the market for a product that would prevent travel anxiety and car sickness, while also being comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing as their pet beds at home. All they could find were bulky and generic options that didn’t ease their pets’ nerves, making the travel experience more stressful.

That’s when they decided to take matters into their own hands and create the Autopetz Pet Travel Couch, a revolutionary new pet car seat that is taking Australia by storm, with their first release selling out in under 3 days!

With their years of combined experience in the industry and a commitment to quality, Autopetz has quickly become a trusted name in the pet travel niche.

The Autopetz Travel Couch boasts a unique and versatile design that sets it apart from other pet travel solutions. Its cloud like double-sided cushion provides warmth during winter months and cooling relief during the summer, making it an ideal car seat for pets year-round.

It features adjustable safety straps, raised sides and an elevated cushion to reduce travel anxiety and car motion sickness. Its machine washable covers and waterproof non-slip base make for easy cleaning, while large storage pockets provide convenience for pet owners on the go.

The Autopetz Pet Travel Couch has earned high praise from pet parents worldwide, with over 5,000 five-star ratings attesting to its ability to improve pets behaviour and comfort while travelling.
“Great pet couch for the car. Love how my puppy can be strapped in safely and can still see out the window. She loved having her first ride in it and it was the first time she wasn’t sick in the car”.
The Autopetz Travel Couch is the perfect solution for pet owners with anxious dogs who dread car rides, or for those wanting to provide their furry friends with a comfortable, premium travel experience. 

Say goodbye to the struggles of car journeys with your pet, and hello to you and your pet's dream car seat.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $128.00 - 168.00 at

As a special launch offer, use promo code AUDOGLOVER at checkout to receive $20 off plus free shipping.

Follow Autopetz on Facebook or @autopetzofficial on Instagram.

MEDIA RELEASE, 19th April 2023

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