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Sydney Pet Photographer raising funds for Assistance Dogs Australia

Photography is an art form that requires both skill and passion. Allira Fontana, a Sydney-based pet and equine photographer, has been honing her skills for over ten years.

Her love for animals and her ability to capture their unique personalities in her photos (like this amazing shot of Bailey the Border Collie with her fur siblings Vincent and Kitana) has earned her a reputation as one of the best pet photographers in the country.

Recently, Allira took on a new project to raise funds for Assistance Dogs Australia, a non-profit organisation that trains and provides assistance dogs to Australians nationwide. The goal of this fundraiser is to raise over $3,000, which will go towards supporting the organisation in training and providing assistance dogs.

Assistance dogs are trained to perform a variety of tasks to help people with disabilities live more independently. They can provide physical assistance, such as opening doors, picking up items, and helping their handlers stand up. They can also provide emotional support, such as reducing anxiety, providing companionship, and improving their handlers' overall quality of life.

The process of training a single assistance dog takes over two years and costs over $40,000. The dogs are carefully selected and trained to meet the specific needs of their handlers. They are trained to perform tasks that are tailored to their handlers' disabilities and are certified to ensure that they meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Allira's fundraising project involves monthly photo sessions with dogs of specific breeds 
(both purebred and mixed breeds dogs are welcome).

For April, the photo sessions are available to dog breeds starting with the letters G and H and you can book in for a special $99 session fee. Fifty dollars from each session fee will go towards the Assistance Dogs Australia fundraiser.

With only five sessions (up to 90 minutes) available each month, the project is in high demand and so far, Allira has raised $800 with dog breeds from A to F.

Maggie the Border Collie loves posing on various logs and tree stumps during her photo session

Is there anything more joyous than seeing a Boxer in full flight? Buddy doesn’t think so!

Snickers the Cavoodle loved playing fetch during her photo session in February

Small but mighty! Dachshund
 Finnegan looks regal on his stump
Allira's project is a great opportunity for dog owners to get stunning photographs of their furry friends while supporting a great cause. 

Her talent and dedication to her craft ensure that every photo session is a unique and memorable experience.

Allira's love for animals is evident in her work, and her rescue dogs Chico and Archie have played a significant role in inspiring her photography work. Chico, a Border Collie, and Archie, a Labrador cross, have been her constant muses and have provided her with endless joy and inspiration. They have also given her a deeper appreciation for the importance of assistance dogs and the impact they have on people's lives.

Through her photography project, Allira hopes to raise awareness about the invaluable role that assistance dogs play in the lives of Australians. 

Her goal is to make a meaningful contribution to Assistance Dogs Australia and help them continue their important work of providing assistance dogs to those in need.

Allira's project is a great example of how people can use their talents and passions to make a difference in their community. 

Billie the Border Collie was full of head tilts during her photo session

By combining her love of photography with her desire to help others, she has created a project that is both impactful and inspiring. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others serve as an inspiration to us all.

So Sydney dog lovers, whether you're the proud owner of a German Shorthaired Pointer, German Pinscher or German Shepherd, Griffon Bruxellois or Havanese, Greyhound, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, German Spitz or Goldendoodle, who you're gonna call? Al-li-ra!

For more information on the project and to book in, visit Allira’s website

You can also follow Allira’s work on her social media accounts @allirafontanaphotography on Instagram and

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