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Pimm's, Plants & Puppy Pawcasso - April 23

The ulti-mutt night out for dogs and their humans!

Australia's first-ever dedicated dog-friendly indoor plant boutique is proud to announce its upcoming event, Pimm, Plants and Puppy Pawcasso

It will be held on Sunday 23rd April, 2023 at 4:00pm at the Monrose Indoor Plants in Newport, Victoria.

This unique and seriously bark-tastic event will provide the perfect place for your doggos to follow in the footsteps of famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh.

Spanning over 1.5 hrs your pup will get to paint (yes, paint) their very own take-home plant pot, using dog-friendly painting techniques taught by the Paw Ranger leading the class, in between snacking on their very own delicious Doggie Charcuterie board

Both are adorable and fancy! But the fun doesn’t stop there, especially for the humans!
After your paw pal has painted their very own masterpiece, you’ll get to creatively construct a stunning toxic-free dog-friendly indoor plant arrangement, while sipping on a Pimm's.

Rest assured that all products used throughout the night including paint, wipes, plants, and food are 100% pet-safe.

All tickets purchased will receive a complimentary Monrose Pet-Friendly Indoor Plant $10 voucher to use on the night.

This event is limited to only 10 tickets, and it is exclusively for humans aged 18 years and above.

All fundraising proceeds from the night will go directly to Stafford Rescue Victoria.

What: Pimm, Plants & Puppy Pawcasso

When: Sunday 23rd April 2023, at 4:00pm.

Where: Monrose Pet-friendly Indoor Plants419 Melbourne Rd, Newport, VIC, 3015

To browse the range of pet-friendly indoor plants, gifts, pet products & Monrose pet treats, head to

For more details on the event and to purchase tickets, please visit 

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