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g'oodles launches Detangling Shampoo & Spray

(good + oodles) is a female led and owned South Australian business who has just launched their Detangling Shampoo and Detangling Spray

With a passion for curly coated dogs, Pri and Nat wanted to create a product that helped owners maintain their dogs' high maintenance coats.

Nat (co-owner) has worked in a marketing capacity across some of Australia's largest companies. Owning Bentley, a very good Groodle, she discovered his hair needed more attention than hers. Constant brushing and endless matts got Natalie thinking...

Pri (co-owner) manages a doggy daycare facility for the largest and leading daycare provider in South Australia. Day in and day out Pri would have to break the news that someone’s fluffy teddy bear was going to go home looking like a hairless chicken! But, how could she help?!

Together Pri and Nat have worked for the last 2 years (while both working full time!) formulating two products. Both manufactured right here in Australia, their shampoo and detangling spray, designed to help owners with dreaded knots, are vegan-friendly, paraben/sulphate/TEA free, and cruelty free. And they're packaged in 100% recycled PET!

“We want to educate owners on their dog’s needs” Pri says.

“Curly coated breeds are often sold as low maintenance, and this isn’t the case.” 
Natalie agrees saying, “I was spending more time on Bentley (my dog’s) hair than I was my own! There was no product that really worked on his hair, so we wanted to create something that works but also is fun and engaging!”

Engaging with an Australian manufacturer to start the process of creating a product, and local South Australian talent,
Divide Agency for all things branding, g’oodles was born!

With the mission to help educate owners and help dogs be more comfortable in their fur, Pri and Nat have specifically designed two products that will help maintain coats and keep knots at bay

Hoping that dogs all over Australia will have less matts and live a more comfortable, full and fabulous life!

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $30.00 (Detangling Shampoo); $25.00 (Detangling Spray); $50.00 (Takes Two To Detangle) from

Also looking for stockists for the future.

You can follow g'oodles on Facebook and Instagram: 

MEDIA RELEASE, 15th March 2023

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