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SavourLife donated over $5 Million to help save rescue dogs

Australian dog food company reach a new milestone on their mission to end the euthanasia of adoptable dogs

Sydney-based, family-run dog food business SavourLife have been supporting rescue groups across Australia since 2013 and have recently surpassed the huge milestone of $5 million in donations.

Their company mission is to make the best Australian-made food and treats for your best friend, and use the profits generated through their business to reduce the number of adoptable dogs euthanised in Australia to zero. 

The successful profit-for-purpose company also launched an adoption portal called Adopt-A-Dog in 2019 which since its inception has had over 50 million views of adoptable dogs, leading to thousands of successful adoptions.

The passion project started with a simple premise; create natural, nutritious, Australian-made dog food and donate 50 per cent of the profits to volunteer-run rescue groups who save and re-home abandoned dogs.

The team of only twelve remains small, but the passion behind this family run company is huge, driving the business to grow exponentially year-on-year. With $5 million in donations to over 250 different rescue groups nationwide, SavourLife has actively contributed to rehoming more than 42,000 rescue dogs.

Kim and Michael McTeigue with their rescue dogs Max and Missy

Founder and managing director Michael McTeigue says: “It seems like yesterday, but also a lifetime ago that we launched our little social enterprise. Did I ever think when we started the company that I’d be talking to you about reaching a $5 million milestone? No, I honestly can’t say I ever thought we’d reach something that big. We just hoped that we’d be able to donate a few dollars and help a few dogs, and to be able to announce that we have reached this huge milestone is an incredible feeling. We’re extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve.

Many of our rescue partners now face the most difficult circumstances they have ever faced, with a surge of abandonment and less enquiries for existing dogs, combined with difficulties in finding new foster carers; taking a huge toll on them.

And so we are now asking: What can we do to change this environment? How can we help more? How do we get closer to achieving our mission? It’s going to be about more education and preventative measures. It’s about being flexible in helping our rescue partners through a very challenging time and their changing needs that go with that. It’s a massive challenge, but one we get up every morning to try and solve.

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge everything these little rescues do. It can be thankless, heartbreaking, and difficult work but they show up day after day and help thousands of dogs every year. All of us at SavourLife are incredibly proud to be supporting them.”

Despite being a self-professed nation of dog lovers and a country with one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, Australia has over 200,000 dogs that end up in rescue shelters across the country each year; 44,000 of them are sadly, then euthanised. It’s a shocking number that SavourLife wants to bring to zero.

SavourLife’s donations have funded projects from shelter improvements and expansions, free and subsidised desexing programs, behavioural training programs, temporary emergency care and community outreach programs, to veterinary care, transport vehicles, specialised equipment, and food and treats for dogs in care.

While many small businesses have struggled in the current economic environment, SavourLife’s success proves that doing good is just good business.

“Consumers are increasingly aware they can make an impact with their dollar. We provide dog owners with a win-win solution; they’re getting the highest-quality, Australia-made products for their own dog and they’re having a positive impact on the lives of dogs in need.”

Alongside their two rescue dogs Max and Missy, the McTeigues will continue to campaign for Australia’s homeless dogs until every single one finds a home.

Watch this short video to find out more about what this milestone means to our founders:

About SavourLife

Founded by Sydney-based couple Michael and Kim McTeigue in 2013, SavourLife is a small family-owned and operated business inspired by a love for dogs and a desire to make a difference. They make natural food and treats for dogs and donate 50 per cent of the profits to smaller volunteer-run rescue groups, helping them save and rehome rescue dogs. They have donated over $5 million to rescue groups across every state and territory in Australia, supporting the rehoming of over 42,000 dogs. It’s dog food that makes a difference. 

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MEDIA RELEASE, 13th January 2023

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