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Finding a Paw-fect Match this Valentine's Day!

Whether you’re dating or date-less this coming Valentine’s day, PETstock is encouraging all to-be pet owners to find love by welcoming a new pet into your family. 

As the most romantic day of the year approaches, PETstock Ambassador Lara Shannon, has advice on how you can find your perfect match, and the green flags to look out for when considering a new pet.

#1. Understand your personal circumstances

When finding a pet soulmate, it’s important to decide on one that is most compatible with your lifestyle and surroundings.

Oftentimes, new pet owners fall into the trap of adopting or purchasing a pet that doesn’t suit their living situation or day-to-day routine. Some considerations to think about beforehand include working arrangements, exercise capabilities and time commitments. 

There are also some fixed factors to consider when choosing a pet, like the size of your space and even financial responsibilities.

’s 2022 Pet Parent report showed cats being more popular with women and in metropolitan areas around Australia, however if you’re someone who loves to be social and explore the outdoors, getting a playful dog might be the better option.

On the other hand, if you’re a full time worker who loves indoor hobbies and has limited free time, it wouldn’t be advisable to get an energetic young dog, who will need a pet sitter and daily exercise.

Consider other people in your family too. PETstock’s Pet Parent report found that 65 per cent of pet owners let their pet sleep on or in the bed with them. If you suspect you’d do the same, would your partner also approve?

Pets are for life, so avoid getting one impulsively without careful consideration and research.
#2. Consider your love language and personality

Just as humans have different ways of giving and receiving love, so do pets. American author and marriage counsellor Gary Chapman, developed five love languages of expressing and accepting love, including words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service and receiving gifts. [1]

Most animals associate with many, if not all the love languages, but some express it more than others. For example, some cats love physical touch over words of affirmation. If the sound of you at home, relaxing with your fur baby on your lap sounds like a good night, perhaps a cat might be a great option for you.

If your love language is spending quality time with those you love, getting a dog, which will require daily walks, human interaction, and consistent training, might be an even better option.

Just like for any other date on date night, personality plays a huge part in determining whether that person (or pet) is the a right fit for you.

If you can, look for certain character traits in the companion animal you’d like to take home. If you’re a person that prefers doing relaxing, indoor activities on their days off, it might be more beneficial to consider an animal that isn’t extremely active and outgoing.

Pets have personalities like we do; some are timid, some are extroverted, some are goofy and some are earnest. If we can sense these before we take them home and decide accordingly based on our own personality and needs, we’ll be one step closer to finding our perfect soul mate.

#3. Consider other pet options

Sometimes, your perfect match might not be a cat or a dog. There are other pets that you may not have considered before that could be looking for home.

There are animals out there like guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, birds, or reptiles, that make for some great options.

Like any other animal, make sure you do your research before taking them home as they are a commitment for life. Some species, like reptiles, have specific needs and enclosures to be safe and happy, while rabbits require daily human interaction and exercise, which many people don’t realise.

Aside from making great companions, options like guinea pigs, rabbits and fish, make excellent beginner-friendly pet options for new families, or those who want to look into getting a pet, but don’t want to dive straight into the deep end.

1 The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

MEDIA RELEASE, January 2023

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