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Recollo launches FOMO Pet Tags

Recollo announces the launch of FOMO, an Australian made and owned new QR code pet tech tag

Recollo, a Sydney-based software company specialising in QR technological solutions announced today that they have launched FOMO Pet Tags

After two years in development this Australian made and owned pet tag is now available for purchase. FOMO Pet Tags uses innovative technology to allow customers to customise their pet’s tag with their own unique QR code.

The FOMO Pet Tag allows anyone to scan the tag with any smartphone and be taken to a customised pet profile that has been populated with important information about the pet including a hyperlink embed link so that they can quickly and easily contact the customer about their pet.

The FOMO Pet Tag is easy to use and requires no app, no subscription, just a simple one-off purchase. Each FOMO Pet Tag has its own QR code. The code is connected to Recollo’s customised technology.

The customer can create a personal account and then customise their choice of a cat or dog template, or multiple pet ownership details. The template provides for a pet profile including owner details and a photo of their pet. 

The personal pet profile lists various questions relating to the pet, age, character, personality, things to be careful of, etc. 

More importantly it has two hyperlinks that are directed to the owner and vet’s phone numbers so the return of the lost pet is quicker and easier, saving the pet from further distress or anxiety. It also makes it easier for the founder to make contact directly with the owner to ensure the safety of the pet.

Profile details are easily updated (think moving house or going on a holiday, changing vets or pet minding). Customers change the contact numbers to suit where the pet is located, so the details are always up to date. As opposed to a microchip where details are often not as up to date and may impound your pet.

Anyone scanning the FOMO Pet Tag can see the pet’s owner and vet details. With one tap the finder is talking with the owner or vet about the lost or missing pet.

FOMO Pet Tags come in two sizes:

✔️ small 20mm diameter (cats & small dogs).

✔️ large 30mm diameter (medium / large dogs).

FOMO Pet Tags are made tough with marine grade stainless steel and brass as research proves that dog activities are robust and therefore require highly durable materials to last.

FOMO Pet Tags are simple enough for everyone to use no downloads or logins, one simple platform easily accessed from your smartphone (anytime anywhere) to keep you connected to your pet.
"Anyone with a smartphone can use our tags, so simple!" said one of the co-founders.
Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $42.50-$48.50 from

Christmas special is now on with 20% off all FOMO Pet Tags.

You can follow Recollo on Facebook at and @fomo_pet_tags on Instagram.

About Recollo:

Recollo is an Australian software company established by three friends in 2020/21 that specialises in QR based solutions to the problem of managing memories.

MEDIA RELEASE, 11th December 2022

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