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Keep Pets Safe this Halloween!

Enjoy the spook-tacular festivities safely this Halloween with your pets

As Aussies continue to dial up the Halloween celebrations year-on-year, there’s no doubt that pet parents will look to include their four-legged friends on the spookiest day of the year, with 35% of Aussies owning outfits for their pets, including Halloween costumes.

Whilst the constant door-bell ringing of trick-or-treaters and scary costumes add to the thrill of this chilling day, that may not be the case for the furry family members in our households.

The spook-tacular holiday can quickly turn into a terrifying time for our pets so PETstock Vet Dr Tara Morris has shared some tips with us on ways to safely include your pet in the spooky festivities.

Spook-tacular Costume Safety

While dressing our buddies in spooky outfits will add to the excitement of the day, a costume should not neglect their comfort or cause distress, so it is important to look out for signs that may indicate that your pet is uncomfortable or anxious. 

Common signs of distress can include shaking, whining, panting or a change in posture.

“If dressing your pet in a costume this year, ensure that it isn’t forced, doesn’t restrict your pet’s movements and that their limbs aren’t caught on any fabric. 

The costume should not be too loose either as that may be a tripping hazard,” says Dr Tara.

PETstock’s DGG Tee is a perfect choice for this year’s celebrations, the softness ensures that it does not rub or irritate their skin, which can be a problem that often goes unnoticed.

For pet parents looking to give back at Halloween, the Petspiration Foundation Halloween bandana, suitable for both dogs and cats, will have your pet looking ghoulish and 100% of profits will be donated to families and pets in need.

Stash the treats out of paws’ reach

As humans, we’re often partial to the lollies and chocolates from the trick-or-treat jar, and as tempting as those puppy eyes may be, they can be highly toxic to pets if ingested.

“Ensure all lollies and chocolates are stored out of reach, and if you have an extra curious pet, utilising containers and cupboards that are child proof will keep their paws off,” says Dr Tara.

For those looking to get involved with jack-o-lantern carving, nibbling on the uncooked pumpkin can cause discomfort in many pets.

“Pumpkin is a great and nutritious treat for dogs when cooked; however, be mindful that there are no signs of rot when feeding them the remains of your carved jack-o-lantern and only very small amounts,” says Dr Tara.

If you’re concerned that your pet has ingested something toxic, contact your local vet immediately.

While the lolly jar is off-limits, dogs can still indulge in some guilt-free snacking through a range of pet-friendly treats. Packed full of healthy, Australian meats, spoil them rotten with the Pooch Treats Halloween Box of Horrors.

Stranger Danger!

Whilst frequent doorbell ringing and unfamiliar guests may be harmless to us, it can be quite the opposite for our furry friends.

“When opening the door for guests, ensure your pet doesn’t run outside. Keep them in a separate room or on a lead if you feel they may be at risk of running off, ensure they’re wearing a collar with an ID tag and that their microchip details are up to date in the instance they make a dash for the door.

“Set aside a familiar and quiet place for your pet to rest and escape the noise, surrounding them with engaging comfort toys to help ease their anxiety while keeping them entertained.”

Keep them involved in the spooky celebrations with PETstock’s Lexi & Me Halloween range, available in a variety of characters, each featuring a little squeaker for that added bit of fun.

These PETstock’s spooky picks are available in stores or online from October 1 at

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