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Hunde Launches Essential Blends for Dogs

Hunde Launches Essential Blends Balancing Bases for Homemade Pet Food

The trusted pet nutrition brand Hunde has released a range of wholefood blends that take the guesswork out of preparing homemade dog and cat food for your bestie.

These thoughtfully created blends help you take control over your pet’s health by preparing deeply nutritious food, with minimal effort. 

They combine human grade, freeze-dried organ meats and oily fish, delicately dried fruits and vegetables and organic superfoods in a shelf stable powder that is added to fresh meat. 

Essential Blends fill common nutritional gaps in homemade pet diets, for an effortlessly delicious and nutritionally balanced meal. They're suitable for adult dogs and cats, as well as growing pups and kitties.

Essential Blends Main Features:

✔️ 100% wholefoods based with no synthetic nutrients or artificial ingredients 

✔️ Species appropriate nutrition

✔️ No plant-based fillers or common allergens 

✔️ Made with locally sourced and human grade ingredients

✔️ Pet nutritionist formulated and freeze-dried to lock in the nutrients of fresh produce

✔️ Produced in regional Victoria in a Primesafe licenced and HACCP certified manufacturing facility
Clare Kearney
from Hunde has made a name for herself as an influential voice in the natural pet space over the last decade, solving the challenges faced by pet owners unhappy with traditional processed pet food, and overwhelmed by the alternatives. 

She says, “these blends have been a true labour of love. I've built my name and my brand on integrity and made no secret of my gripes with the traditional pet food industry over the years. It’s awash with mediocrity and gimmicks, whereas I wanted to create something unique and genuinely good. I think I’ve done that, and my dogs agree.”

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $59.00 (Essential Blend for Dogs / Essential Blend for Cats, 250g); $99.00 (Bundle) from

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About Hunde

Hunde is a pet nutrition consulting business founded in 2015 and based in Northern NSW. Clare has consulted with and created content for some of the biggest names in the natural pet food industry, sold over 700 recipe packs and hosted sold out workshops in canine nutrition.

Media Release, 26th October 2022

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