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The NRG Team New Doggie Range

Presenting NRG’s exciting NEW Australian-made Grooming & Health products for dogs!

The NRG Team have been a trusted equine favourite when it comes to feeding and grooming horses all over Australia.

Many dog owners and groomers declared they were using NRG No-Nots and NRG Pink Noze on canines, and they suggested NRG should tweak these popular products for dog lovers. After all, why should only horses receive all the amazing benefits of NRG’s natural, simple and cost-effective products.

Moodles Pepsi & Crumpet -
Credit: Chantelle Gibbens

NRG Doggie No-Nots is a coat detangler and conditioning spray.

With a delicate coconut cream fragrance, this water-based spray is non-greasy and will keep a natural shine and lustre on dogs’ coats for days. 

Doggie No-Nots can be used as a daily maintenance spray, a pre-wash or post-wash conditioning spray, making grooming easier and less time consuming.

Willow with Doggie Pink Nose
Credit: Jenny Stek

NRG Doggie Pink Noze has been a game changer for many owners of pink-nosed pooches and those with sensitive skin areas. A soft barrier cream that is easy to apply, NRG Doggie Pink Noze stays on for days. 

Your dog will quickly accept the scent free application and due to its absorbing quality, you do not need to apply every day. 

Doggie Pink Noze contains Vitamin E and natural oils, with NO harmful chemicals and NO Zinc, making it a safe and non-toxic barrier cream.

Other NRG Products that may be considered beneficial amongst pooch people are:

NRG Bitter Biter is a non-toxic paint for furniture or other items around the home that you do not want your dog chewing on.

Bitter Tails Spray could be used on soft outdoor furbishing’s or shoes to prevent dogs chewing what is NOT theirs!

Dog Owners Testimonials

“I have recently started using this amazing new product NRG Doggie No-Nots, it has been a game changer. I am a mobile pet groomer and some of my fur babies can be quite knotty, especially around the ears and tail. Doggie No-Nots has made my life so much easier and so much better for the dogs. Just spraying it on to the ears and tail, where sometimes even dreadlocks appear, I’ve been able to brush through the hair and the knots seem to just disappear. 

After using Doggie No-Nots their coats are so soft and silky, the results lasting for quite some time too. I frequently get positive comments from my clients who see the great results in their dog's coat being so smooth and smelling beautiful.

I now use the product on all of my furry friends to keep them looking gorgeous and knot free. A big thank you to NRG Doggie No-Nots from me and all my furry friends”. 
Sal’s Pet Grooming, Gold Coast Queensland.

“Absolutely love this product [NRG Doggie Pink Noze]!!!
My Border Collie has a pink nose, so she is always getting burnt from the sun. Works great, easy to apply and her nose stays sunburn free and lovely and smooth. No more dry nose, thanks to NRG Doggie Pink Noze”. Tobie, pet parent.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $13.75 (Doggie Pink Noze); $18.60 (Doggie No-Nots) from

Available now at your local Produce, Saddlery and selected Pet Stores.

You can follow The NRG Team on Facebook at and on Instagram at @thenrgteam

MEDIA RELEASE, 1st September 2022

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