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Dog Lovers Book Club - October 2022

The October 2022 selection of our Dog Lovers Book Club is out with some great reads to relax during these school holidays or get an early start on your Christmas shopping list.


by Victoria Schade

A burned-out veterinarian takes a much-needed beach vacation, where a charming surfer makes waves in her love life, and a unique foster pup renews her passion for her work.

Exhausted veterinarian Morgan Pearce is feeling overworked and under-thanked, so when two favourite clients ask her to watch their special needs senior dog in their Nantucket home, she jumps at the chance for a summer break. She hopes her time on the island will be a reset from the stress of her everyday life, but her chill vacation vibe takes a hit when she gets roped into fostering a challenging, anxious dog and helping plan the local rescue group's glittery annual fundraiser.

Her trip starts to feel more like a vacation when Morgan begins falling for Nathan Keating, an irresistible entrepreneur who thinks every problem can be solved on a surfboard. Just as the summer is shaping up to be the magical refresh she needs, thanks to a fling that feels like the beginning of something real and Hudson, the foster dog who reminds her how much she loves her job, a visit from her estranged brother and the discovery of who Nathan really is changes everything. Morgan finds herself at a crossroads, trying to determine if mistakes from the past must define the future, or if she should forgive, forget, and grab hold of a chance to finally rescue herself.

The perfect easy read for beach days and summer travels!

Paperback, 352 pages

Publisher: Penguin Group USA, 28th June 2022

RRP: $33.50 from

by Dr Rowan Kilmartin

A guide to Canine Cruciate Surgery Rehabilitation Program including a 10-week detailed program of specific approaches, exercises, massage, and restoring balance to get the best results after your pet has undergone surgery for cruciate.

If they could talk about walking again: Canine Cruciate Surgery Rehabilitation Program is a book about how you can help your pet recover and become mobile after they have undergone cruciate surgery. This manual includes tracking sheet tables to mark off your daily progress for each week. 

There is a detailed description of each exercise, massage, or movement and just how much walking they can do. These manual details a comprehensive program with aim of getting your pet back to the way they were before the injury.

Paperback, 38 pages
Publisher: Tablo, 13th September 2022

RRP: $57.89 at

A British Love Affair
by Georgina Montagu, Dylan Thomas (Photographer)

This book celebrates the special relationship between beloved British dogs and their devoted owners. Architects, fashion designers, florists, entrepreneurs - these and the other famous, creative and hyper-successful people have one thing in common when it comes to their canines: the strength of the bond between human and four-legged friend. 

This makes for tales of companionship that will be sure to uplift your spirits and make the heart sing. Exuberantly photographed by Dylan Thomas, with interviews by Poodle-mad Georgina Montagu, Top Dogs is a joyous read and lustrous eye-candy for dog lovers. 

From Jacobean manor to Cumbrian hill farm, and circus wagon to royal residence, the lucky hounds who are showcased in this sumptuous volume occupy some of the loveliest homes in the country.

If you love everything British or know  a dog lover hankering after their homeland, this book would make the most gorgeous Christmas gift idea!

Hardcover, 304 pages
Publisher: Triglyph Books, 1st September 2022

Price: $115.67 from

by Riesa and Bowie

‘Good health starts with good food.’ In this book, you will find:

An alphabetical list of healthy fresh produce and everyday foods you can safely feed your dog with the nutrient guidelines showing which foods are rich in different nutrients.

✔️ Over 30 dog-friendly recipes to inspire you to become your dog’s personal Master Chef – all of which have been tested and approved by Bowie. The recipes range from supplemental foods to formulated complete meals for adult dogs, both raw and cooked options.

✔️ Dogs’ physiology and the nutrients they need to thrive.
Fresh food feeding guidelines (including ratio and feeding guidelines) with practical advice and tips (on Balance, Budget, Bacteria and Bones) to ensure your dog has a successful transition and a nutritionally complete and balanced diet.

✔️ Our recommendations of dog supplements that can help support your dog’s health and wellbeing – including discount codes exclusively created for those who purchased ‘Bowie Drools Over the Alphabet’ book.

✔️ Plenty more resources about dog nutrition and making food for your dog.

✔️ Through the vibrant colours of fresh produce and visually beautiful and drool-worthy recipes, this book will take you on a journey of discovery and learning about your furry best friend and how to better their health and diet. Whether you are new to fresh food feeding or a seasoned fresh food feeder, there is something for everyone!

This book will inspire you and your dog to eat and live healthfully. No longer does my dog eat better than I do, and vice versa!

Digital ebook PDF, 254 pages

Price: $34.95 from

by Michael LaReaux

Jake Phillips doesn't break the rules because he's a troublemaker. He breaks them because he thinks the rules are stupid. But some rules aren't meant to be broken. Haunted by memories of fear and violence, Ursus has never known kindness.

An accident sends Jake to an afterlife where pets go to await their human companions. Jake soon discovers it's not the afterlife he learned about in church. An evil presence stalks the dark places among the trees, searching for dogs and cats to steal away. With Ursus as his guide, Jake sets off on a journey through ancient woods and golden grasslands, determined to put a stop to the disappearances and bring back those who were taken.

Jake isn't strong, brave, or smart. Most of the time, he isn't even very nice. But there are animals who need rescue, and there is no one else to save them. He will just have to find strength and courage along the way.

Paperback, ‎ 500 pages
Publisher:‎ Stormbird Press, 12th October 2022
For Ages: 13 - 18 years

Price: $28.25. Available for pre-order now from


by Anthony McGowan

Chernobyl, 1986. Without humans, how will dogs survive?

As humans fled the nuclear disaster, they were forced to leave their pets behind. Without people, nature began to return to the woods surrounding the power plant--lynx, bear, and wolves. But the overgrown forest is no place for dogs.

Can Zoya, and her pups Misha and Luka, learn to survive in the deadlands? And will Zoya ever find her way home to her beloved owner?

Hardcover, 320 pages
Publisher: Rock the Boat, 13th September 2022
For Ages: 8 - 12 years old

RRP: $36.75 from

by Lonely Planet Kids, Frances Evans, Kelsey Heaton (llustrator)

Satisfy your canine curiosity with this who's who of dogs. This fully illustrated guide will take you on a woof-tastic journey around the world to meet over 150 weird and wonderful dog breeds - from the dapper Boston Terrier to the chirpy German Dachshund, the lively Portuguese Podengo and the tiny but tough Australian Terrier.

This gorgeous hardcover atlas features large maps of each continent that show where each dog breed (both common and rare) is from. Follow-on pooch profiles then give the low-down on each one - their history, physical characteristics and personality traits.

You'll explore the world of dog breeds, region-by-region and additional special features include:
✔️Atlas of a Dog's Body and their Super Senses
✔️ Doggie Dictionary
✔️ Little Dogs and Gentle Giants
✔️ Terrific Terriers
✔️ Dogs with Jobs
✔️ Heroic Hounds
✔️ Cute Crossbreeds and Marvellous Mixes
✔️ Doggie Sports and many more!

This book would make a perfect Christmas or birthday present for a young dog lover!

Hardcover, 112 pages
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids, 1st September 2022
For Ages: 6 - 8 years old

RRP: $24.95 from all good bookstores and online at

Enter to Win 1 of 5 copies of Atlas of Dogs this week (enter by October 9)!

An Illustrated Collection of 40 Sweet, Silly, and Supportive Dogs
by Kristina Micotti

Each dog entry includes a charming illustration and a short essay about this dog and why you need its playful advice right now. 

Think supportive socks-with-sandals-wearing 'Dad Dogs', goofy prankster 'Clown Dogs', and more. Sprinkled throughout this fur ball-filled book, you'll find fun interactive elements like:

✔️ Words of Affirmation: WoooWOOwoo (Which means: 'You are a ray of beautiful sunshine, and you are capable of accomplishing all of your dreams')
✔️ A Draw Your Own Dog guide
✔️ The Which Dog Do You Need Right Now? Quiz
✔️ Activities, recipes, and more dogs!

From chill puppers to little stinkers, the dogs in this book think the world of you.

Hardcover, 112 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 5th May 2022

RRP: $26.95 at

by Philip C. Stead

How many dogs live in the neighbourhood? Louis decides to find out by meeting every single one.

Louis really wants a dog, but his Grandma insists, "There are enough dogs in the neighbourhood already." While Louis disagrees, he realises he needs more information to support his argument- so he sets out to figure out how many dogs live in the neighbourhood.

While Grandma sets out on errands of her own, Louis starts knocking on doors. He meets big dogs and little dogs, dogs with jobs, dogs who eat socks, and dogs who are much missed. (He also meets cats, and birds, and one very big python, but those don't count!)

By the time he gets home Louis is ready to tell Grandma just how many dogs are in the neighbourhood. . . . But Grandma thinks he just might have missed one. A particularly loveable dog. A dog who needs a new home.

Maybe there aren't enough dogs in the neighbourhood after all?

Hardcover, 40 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, 20th September 2022
For Ages: 4 - 8 years old

Price: $28.25 from

Life Lessons from Dogs
by Joann Neve, illustrated by Janelle Edstrom

Belle was a fun-loving Golden Retriever pup that loved her friends and loved to have fun. Sometimes, however, her friends got into mischief. Belle never got into trouble and never argued with her friends about what she should or shouldn't do. With a twitch of her nose, Belle understood how to do the right thing.

Belle Understands! is a charming and endearing story about friendship and peer pressure. It is the perfect book for parents, teachers, and caregivers of kids 3-9 to start discussions on being your own person and making your own decisions. 

This is the third book in the Life Lessons from Dogs children's series of books.

Paperback, 38 pages
Publisher: Joann Neve, 30th August 2022
For Ages: 3 - 9 years old

Price: $26.95 from

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