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DOG by Dr Lisa new supplement range

Dog owners encouraged to get on the "front paw" this spring allergy season 

This Spring, dog owners are being encouraged to take steps to help manage their pet’s allergy symptoms, which usually manifest as excessive itching, licking, inflamed skin that can be dry or moist, hair loss, ear infections and sometimes sneezing.

According to leading veterinarian Dr Lisa Chimes, many dogs suffer from seasonal springtime allergies just like their owners, however, unlike in humans, dogs mostly present first with skin symptoms rather than respiratory signs.

“We all know the onset of Spring means an increase in pollens and mould spores in the air,” Dr Lisa said. “Unfortunately, unlike human allergy sufferers, animals can’t tell us when they start to feel allergic, so we only notice the allergy when they become very itchy and uncomfortable.”

To assist pet owners in getting on the front paw when it comes to dealing with their furry friends’ allergies, Dr Lisa - who has worked as an emergency and critical care vet for over 15 years and has starred in popular TV shows Bondi Vet and Dr Lisa to the Rescue - has launched a range of supplements under her DOG by Dr Lisa brand, which are formulated to support common health conditions.

“In the 15 years I’ve been in practice, I’ve seen countless pet owners bringing their dogs in for treatment for skin conditions like atopic dermatitis (similar to eczema) and ear infections” Dr Lisa said. “In so many cases, these troubles could have been managed earlier, which would have prevented a lot of discomfort for the animal.”

There are around 6.3 million dogs in Australia and, according to a 2021 survey by Animal Medicines Australia, dog owners spend $3,200 a year on pet care

In formulating the Australian-made DOG by Dr Lisa supplement range - which includes an Omega 3 oil, an Omega 6 oil and a Fibre supplement - Dr Lisa says she was critically aware of the challenges pet owners face when it comes to keeping their animals healthy year-round.

“Every dog owner wants the best for their pet but it can be tricky to spot the early signs of deteriorating health or the early onset of seasonal flare ups,” Dr Lisa said. 
“Many of the supplements on the market don’t contain strong enough ingredients to result in any beneficial health effect.
That’s why I wanted to create a potent range of supplements that owners can give to their pets, to support common health conditions as recommended by their vet.”

Omega-6 drops being added to food
The DOG by Dr Lisa supplement range has been formulated with natural, vegan and sustainable ingredients that are backed by science. They have been designed to promote responsible and effective pet supplement use, in consultation with a vet.

Pet owners are encouraged to speak to their local veterinarian to outline their animal’s medical history before using any DOG by Dr Lisa supplement product.

“People ask me about pet supplements all the time and, to be honest, there are many products on the market that are full of fluffy ingredients that aren’t scientifically proven to do much at all,” Dr Lisa said.

“That’s why I’ve designed this range to be potent with focused ingredients. While not all animals need supplements, it’s important that those who are treating their animals with supplement products are doing so under the guidance of their veterinarian”.

The DOG By Dr Lisa supplement range launches in September.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $39 (Omega-3 drops), from $59 (Omega-6 drops), $45 (DOG Fibre).

The entire DOG by Dr Lisa range which includes Wipes, Leave in Conditioners, Wash, Wee Cleaner, Colognes, Poncho towel robes, Brushes and more - is available to purchase online at and in veterinary practices.

About DOG by Dr Lisa

Founded by leading vet Dr Lisa Chimes, DOG by Dr Lisa is an Australian product range that is natural and safe for dogs and the humans who love them while ensuring minimum harm to our planet. All products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, vegan and obviously not tested on animals. A percentage of the brands profits is whole-heartedly donated to the RSPCA.

MEDIA RELEASE, September 2022

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