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The Kindest Goodbye In-Home Pet Euthanasia Service

The Kindest Goodbye offers peaceful home euthanasia services for beloved pets across Australia

Comprising a network of dedicated home euthanasia vets that spans the continent, The Kindest Goodbye offers families the opportunity to farewell their pets in the most peaceful and loving way possible - in the comfort of home, with loved ones by their side.

Every year, countless families across Australia have to make the excruciating decision to put a cherished pet to sleep.

Whether they have suddenly become very ill or their decline has been more gradual, the decision to put a pet down is never an easy one. Careful consideration must be given to their quality of life, but families often feel a sense of guilt for making the decision for their pet that they are unable to make themselves. 

According to The Kindest Goodbye’s founder Dr Tom MiltonPeople really battle with deciding exactly when the time is right to say goodbye. And it’s even more difficult when you are dealing with a slow, progressive illness like joint disease and mobility problems, because where do you draw that line? 

I always encourage people to ask themselves a few questions, such as:
“Is my pet enjoying their life most of the time? 
Are they able to do the things they used to love to do?” 
If the answer to these questions is no, perhaps the time is right. I have performed many hundreds if not thousands of euthanasias, and something I have found quite striking is that not one family member has ever said to me afterwards We should have waited a bit longer”.  Quite commonly however, they tell me they left it longer than they should have. It’s not an easy situation.

For the vast majority of pets in Australia, euthanasia involves a trip to the vet clinic, a place that may make them extremely anxious. But a better alternative exists.

Home euthanasia services such as The Kindest Goodbye involve a vet coming to the family home to put a pet to sleep peacefully in their own space. 

Sedation prior to the euthanasia is offered and recommend to help relax the pet and make the process as stress-free as possible. Once a pet has reached a level of sedation that the family feels is appropriate, a catheter is generally placed to facilitate safe administration of the final euthanasia medication. 

At this point, prior to the final stage of the process, many families like to have some time alone with a pet. Then, when everyone is feeling ready, or as ready as they can be, the euthanasia is performed - the pet drifts into a heavy sleep and peacefully passes away, with the actual euthanasia process generally taking only 10 to 20 seconds.

Dr Tom started The Kindest Goodbye after working locally providing home euthanasia services and learning what an extraordinary difference saying goodbye at home can make.

Our pets are part of our family says Dr Tom. They dedicate their lives to bringing comfort and joy to ours, and when the time comes to say goodbye, families want to repay that love by making their passing the best experience it can be. 

A home euthanasia allows the time, care and space to make this possible. Vet clinics can be a stressful place for pets, particularly at the end of their lives where ill health may mean they have had to visit the clinic frequently, suffering painful diagnostic and treatment procedures. 

By allowing them to be at home when they pass, their stress levels are enormously reduced, and family members can all have the opportunity to be present and have the time and space to say goodbye as they would like.

Australia has some of the highest rates of pet ownership in Australia, and sadly many of these pets have to be put to sleep each year, but only a tiny fraction of these euthanasia are currently being performed at home. 
We estimate the rate of home euthanasia to currently be less than 1%, so part our mission at The Kindest Goodbye is to spread the word to the pet-loving public about the existence and extraordinary benefits of home euthanasia.

Unlike some other home euthanasia services in Australia, The Kindest Goodbye offers upfront pricing visible at the start of the booking process. 

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a booking process and only then seeing the price and deciding not to proceed, especially for such a sensitive matter

Bookings can be made by telephone or through their innovative booking system, which allows clients to see exactly when a vet can get to their home and book the visit instantly. Instant booking was something I really wanted to offer with The Kindest Goodbye explains Dr Tom. 

I have experienced first-hand with some other providers the difficulty and unnecessary stress that can be caused by a company taking a home euthanasia booking and only then going looking for a vet to actually perform it, only to fail to secure someone and leave the client upset and frustrated. Our vets maintain their availability on our system directly, which takes away this back and forth and gives families peace of mind and one less thing to stress about at an already difficult time.

The Kindest Goodbye also offers free phone consultations for families wanting advice regarding end-of-life decisions for their pets. 
Sometimes people just want to feel reassured they are making the right decision, says Dr Tom. 
We are very fortunate to have accessible euthanasia available for our pets. Ultimately the decision has to be the family’s, but we can provide advice on quality-of-life, palliation and when the time may be right to say goodbye.

As part of their service, The Kindest Goodbye also offers sedation prior to the procedure itself ensuring there is little or no stress involved for pets, and the process is as peaceful and smooth as possible. They also offer extensive and flexible after-care services including individual cremation and memorial items through their crematorium partners in each state and territory.

Price & Where to Access Services:

Pricing for a home euthanasia with The Kindest Goodbye is $450 for weekday appointments and $600 for after-hours visits. 

Group cremation (without the return of ashes) is included at no extra cost if families elect this option, whilst individual cremation costs vary from state to state and a pet’s weight, but starts from as little as $199.

The Kindest Goodbye already offers services to the vast majority of the Australian population, including greater Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, with more locations and vets being added to their network all the time.

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