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World Baking Day (May 17): Bake for your Dog!

Get baking for your dog this World Baking Day (May 17) – it’s good for you and your best friend!

Baking for those you love is good for your soul. It contributes to stress relief and makes you feel you’ve done something good for someone else, especially for your four-legged best friend.

This World Baking Day on May 17, Beau’s Biscuits – the maker of Australia’s most tail wagging, lip licking dog baking biscuit mixes – are encouraging people of all ages, especially the kids, to bake up pet-friendly bikkies for their loved pooches!

“Why should only the humans enjoy the yumminess of homemade cakes and biscuits? Dogs love treats just as much as we do and deserve it!” says Sarah Morrissey, Woofing Creator of Beau’s Biscuits with her husband Luke.

With about 6.3 million dogs* in Australia, many pet owners are treating their companion animals as family members, increasingly mimicking traditional parent-child relationships.

“For many people, fur babies are their babies. Our dog Neela is always happy to see us. It’s nice to have a happy wagging tail greet you, given both our teenage children generally now greet us with a grunt!” laughs Sarah.

“This World Baking Day we are encouraging dog loving families to get into the kitchen and bake up a batch of delicious dog-healthy treats for their loved dogs,” says Sarah. “It’s also a great way to get the kids in the kitchen and away from their screens, even if only for a short time!”

Plus, there are many reasons why you should bake for your dog, says Sarah.

✔️ Baking is a calming activity and can help make you less stressed

✔️ Helps your dog eat healthier – you know exactly what you’re feeding your pooch.

✔️ Boosts your morale and enhances all your senses (how good does that smell!)

✔️ Gets your creative juices flowing

✔️ Helps to build your bond with your dog

Remember, some common baking foods are toxic to dogs. These include xylitol (found in some peanut butters), onions, garlic, chocolate and raisins. Please consult your vet for advice.

Beau's Biscuits Sarah Morrissey
 with her friends Gypsy & Banjo.
Offering convenience without compromising on nutrition or taste (because your pup shouldn't have to),
Beau’s Biscuits Grain Free Dog Treat Baking Mixes gives doggies right around Australia the opportunity to enjoy the home baked goodness
of ‘dem Bones, BoBo Biscuits, Barkday Cakes and more, PLUS help support dog loving charities!

Beau’s Biscuits dog baking mixes are animal naturopath-approved, all natural, no preservatives and filled with human grade ingredients that are healthy for dogs!

A 1kg pack of Beau’s Biscuits will make up approximately 100 biscuits. Not only is it great to know exactly what goes into your dog’s treats, it’s also very cost effective, working out at around 20 cents a treat!

And if you needed any more incentive to bake for your pooch, your purchase of a Beau’s Biscuits Bake Mix also helps to support dogs with $1 from every sale going to dog loving charities.

To date Beau’s Biscuits have supported Pets of the Homeless, Hear No Evil Dog Rescue and Petember. The dog loving charities to also receive proceeds from World Baking Day include Story Dogs and All Over Staffy Rescue. Customers can choose which charity they wish to support.

So! Get baking and whip up a batch of ‘dem Bones, BoBo Biscuits, Pumpkin’ Donuts or Red Velvet Pup Crepes. Your pup will thank you for it! 

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About Beau’s Biscuits

Beau’s Biscuits dog baking mixes are grain free, animal naturopath-approved, all natural, no preservatives and filled with human grade ingredients that are healthy for dogs! Lovingly made in Victoria and delivered to doors right around Australia.

To bake more, visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 11th May 2022

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