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Pet owners guilty of loving their pet's guts

The 30.4 million pets in Australia today are receiving improved levels of care with the increase in gut health remedies according to a Gold Coast company and local veterinarian.

Pet probiotic company, Ipromea, launched a year ago and has already exceeded their predicted product sales by 300 percent.

“The probiotic trend that has already swept through other countries is starting to catch on in Australia as more people are grasping the importance of gut health for their pets, which is similar to the benefits for humans,” said Tony Davis, Ipromea Group Brand Manager.

“Within a year, despite launching during COVID-19, we’ve managed to grow rapidly, with this month’s sales expected to reach between 75 and 85 thousand units and there’s so many more brands popping up offering similar products on the market.”

According to a Gold Coast veterinarian, Dr Claire Stevens, gut issues for dogs and cats are extremely common and many cases can be resolved or supported with probiotic supplements.

“Every day we see pets with gastrointestinal upsets including excessive drooling, diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, regurgitation, loss of appetite, bleeding, abdominal pain and bloating, straining to defecate and dehydration,” said Dr Stevens, Veterinarian, presenter, author of ‘Dr Claire’s Love Your Dog’ and Ambassador of Ipromea.

“Ninety percent of these gastrointestinal cases can be supported with the addition of probiotics in their treatment plan.”

Dr Stevens educates pet owners about the pet microbiome and the part probiotics plays in continued health and wellbeing, which more people are taking on board.

As a result of the increase in education and information about gut health, she said, “We are seeing an excellent uptake in pet probiotics among Australian pet owners today, but we have a long way to go in comparison to pet owners in the UK who have been using these remedies routinely for a decade or more and are seeing excellent results.”

Like humans, an unbalanced gut can cause a huge range of digestion issues, allergies, skin issues, effect energy levels, behavioural issues and contribute to longer term ailments such as obesity and organ disease.

Research on the microbiome suggests that humans and pets share a great deal of bacteria whilst living in close quarters together so an unbalanced gut in one can influence the other.

The rise in pet ownership since 2019, corresponding with COVID-19, demonstrates that more people value the love and companionship of a pet, which includes improved levels of health care.

“We know how much people love their pets so it’s great to see the increase in the level of care pets are receiving, including implementing preventative solutions for long term well-being – such as probiotic enhanced foods and meal toppers,” says Dr Stevens.

Ipromea is a trusted brand at the forefront of pet probiotics that offers quality Australian made and owned products in the form of clean treats, collagen powders, broths and even postbiotic enriched shampoo.

Mr Davis says that it is “just the beginning of the pet probiotic journey” with more research and probiotic products being released in the coming year.

This month to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day on 20 February, Ipromea have designed a ‘Love Your Pet Special Offer’ to receive a bonus bag of Beg N’ Bark with every bundle purchase so customers can experience the benefits of the whole range of pet probiotics.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 15th February 2022

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