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Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation

Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation:  the innovative eco-friendly farewell for your beloved friend

Long gone are the days when our pets were outsiders and buried in the backyard. Our pets have become an integral part of our family, our therapy friends and our life companions. 

This is why losing our pets is so devastating and only the thought of it makes us feel unwell. Unfortunately going through loss is an inevitable part of owning a pet and knowing your options can mean the difference for when it is time to say goodbye. 

Traditional flame cremation was the preferred option for pet parents to provide a respectful and dignified send off for their pets, however, like in all industries, disruptive new and green technologies are emerging to change the old ways and to provide benefits aligned with today’s challenges.

Pet Aquacremation, aka Alkaline hydrolysis is the latest development in sustainable funeral practices which has been gaining momentum as consumers look for alternative options. Being superior to traditional cremation in every way and using cutting edge technology, this new method promises to be safe and gentle with pets while having a minimal impact on our planet.

How does it work?

Pure Souls uses the latest technology and state of the art equipment to deliver the innovative water cremation process. It mimics the natural process of decomposition at an accelerated rate. 

Combining 95% water, 5% alkali, water flow and below 95°C temperature to reduce organic matter at a molecular level.
 “The results are similar to traditional cremation but without the carbon footprint.” 
After the process, the inorganic part of the bones remains to then be dried and powdered to pure white thin ashes. The liquid resultant from the process is a nutrient rich fertiliser that can be used or discharged to sewer.

Pet cremation with a purpose

Forward thinking and corporate responsibility is what has driven this Brisbane based company Pure Souls, to become Australia’s first and only Carbon neutral pet crematorium. 

It is about bringing compassion back into the pet cremation services with a conscious approach to environmental impact.

Their headquarters in Virginia, Brisbane, run 100% on clean renewable solar energy and their method claims to produce no greenhouse gases or toxic pollutants and be energy and water efficient. 

“We are leading the change in our industry, and we are leading responsibly. Our technology is the future of pet cremation as we move away from fossil fuel dependant equipment and embrace renewables for a greener future” said Giacomo Pareja, founder and director of Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation

Businesses and consumers switching to renewables is to be expected in this time in which climate change and awareness of the environment is such a big part of everyday discourse and government policy.

A service that cares for pets, people and the planet

A comprehensive service that understands and celebrates the connection with all living creatures and mother nature, is what guides the Pure Souls team to professionally care for all pets with compassion, love and gentle hands. 

As they help pets in their last journey crossing the rainbow bridge, pet parents are also cared for with a stress free door to door service that is fast, efficient and reliable, sending updates every step of the way and offering counselling support to those in need. 

This company not only has raised the bar when it comes to a personalised professional service, they also honour pet’s life on earth and positively contribute to a better future by partnering with renowned reforestation project managers to plant a living memorial tree for every pet left to their care. Imagine the impact if we were to plant a tree for every pet we have had …
The power is in our hands.

Unique memorials and cost of the service

Following a sustainable business model, Pure Souls offers unique handcrafted urns and memorials made of biodegradable and renewable materials like clay and bamboo, purposely designed to safely keep your precious pet remains and to look beautiful and match any décor.

Surprisingly, being an environmentally friendly service with so many added benefits, the price of aquacremation is very reasonable, matching the prices of the counterpart flame cremation. 

Pure Souls offers three packages starting at $250, the service fee depends on the pet weight which allows pet parents to pay the rate that is right for them and give them a range of options to choose from.

Aquacremation is definitely the choice for the eco-conscious pet parents out there.

Location: 7/62 Radley St, Virginia, Brisbane 4014

Phone: (07) 3519 4990

MEDIA RELEASE, 29th December 2021

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