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Motorcycle mama calls on Queenslanders to help Greyhounds

Who would have thought that motorcycles could raise funds for rehoming rescue Greyhounds? However, it's just been done in Queensland, Australia.

A group motorcycle ride of over 100 'bikies' travelled the 40 kilometres from Tamborine to Advancetown on Queensland's Gold Coast and made just over $3,000 for the rescue group Gumtree Greys.

Organiser of the ride, Ms Annie Hendley, who's the Queensland director of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG), said the two-hour ride was a big success.

“We had an 8am brekky available at the Bearded Dragon Hotel which was our starting point, then we hit the road at 9:45am for the Advancetown Hotel where lunch was served," she said.

Ms Hendley said community-run rescue groups have to raise funds to operate, whereas the racing industry's
Greyhound Adoption Program rehoming arm in Queensland is fully funded by the State Government.

“There are too many healthy greyhounds killed because there aren’t enough homes for all of the dogs bred by the industry. Our politicians are undermining themselves by failing to listen to the public,” she said.

Surveys of public attitudes to Greyhound racing show most Australians don't want Greyhound racing to continue.

State Governments must track Greyhounds

Ms Hendley also said State Governments across Australia must track greyhounds after they cease racing as per RSPCA guidelines, so these dogs don’t go ‘missing’.

To make this happen in her own state of Queensland, Annie is asking fellow animal lovers to sign her online petition which already has over 4,000 signatures in support. Only people who live in Queensland are eligible to sign and can do so until November 19.

The petition calls on the Queensland Government to extend its current tracking system so racing greyhounds are followed from birth to death, instead of only until they stop racing. This will prevent dogs from being killed illegally, and bled out, as well as being used for experiments and for dissection.

“Official figures show retired greyhounds are being used this way. It’s cruel and it’s got to stop,” said Ms Hendley, who also volunteers with Gumtree Greys, a greyhound rescue group.

“During FY 2019/20, Queensland racing dog owners gave 195 Greyhounds to labs, vet product manufacturers, blood banks and to universities for dissection. 

Most dogs that survive being used this way are usually killed, yet this is an industry that tells us they ‘love their dogs’.”

She said the 2019/20 financial year delivered record breaking returns to Greyhound racing industry participants ($1 billion, an increase of 18.7%) in Queensland, yet they're still choosing to abandon dogs in these appalling ways.

CPG has five key demands for all state governments about greyhound reform.

CPG is a dedicated group of people across Australia who work together to inform the public about the cruelties of Greyhound racing – FacebookWebsiteInstagrammedia coverage.

MEDIA RELEASE, 21st October 2021

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