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Thai Pet Lifestyle Brands for Australian Dogs

Innovative and stylish pet lifestyle brands looking for Australian stockists

  • Barkëtek Co. Ltd
Bangkok-based Barkëtek Pet lifestyle products offer sophisticated designs, the result of a collaboration between a landscape architect and a graphic designer.

Designed by Thai craftsmanship, this brand of pet supplies has an emphasis on design and quality, aiming to please pet lovers who appreciate strong interior design.

This brand has grown from owners with elderly dogs. They wanted pets to have healthy items and designs that would match the lifestyle of the pet owners as well.

Barkëtek Mood and Tone range focuses on wood-based materials that are safe for pets and can be used for 10 years.

All products are suitable for all breeds of pets. They are designed and scaled accordingly to support the health of pets.

Discover their collection of hammocks, beds, bowls, feeders and more
 by visiting their website at

  • Human & Hound Co. Ltd

For the creators of Human & Hound, dogs and all kinds of pets are more than just pets; they are part of our family and what really matters!

The company was founded in 2016 by pet lovers. Between them, they own four Beagles, one Golden Retriever and a cat (for now), who have inspired them every single day since!

As they'd love to help make things better for pets in Thailand, they have decided to donate 10% of their profits to animal charities in Thailand. Created in Bangkok, Thailand, all products are carefully handcrafted, with every step of the process being made by hand.

For more information, visit their website at
  • Pet Smile by Dr. Pet Co. Ltd
Did you know that Pet Smile is Thailand’s No.1 brand of natural and organic pet products?

Its core values are to not only to provide a variety of pet-friendly products that support your pet's active lifestyle but also to support Thai local farming communities to have a sustainable income and economic autonomy as 100% of their ingredients are locally sourced.

Their shampoos (for both dogs and cats) are made from premium organic coconut oil and other natural ingredients.

  • Animal Go Round Co. Ltd
This is lifestyle brand for all the animal lovers, that is all about handmade pet wear products featuring classic, cute, cosy and homey styles.

They care a lot about the choice of materials from soft cotton and delicate lace to wood buttons.

Learn more on their website at

If you'd like to make contact with any of the Thai pet brands featured above, please contact Thai Trade Sydney via email at


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