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Oil Garden new fur-friendly essential oils packs

Essential oils provide a plethora of therapeutic benefits for humans and pets alike, not to mention they smell lovely and bring a pleasant aroma into the home.

Whilst there is a definitely a place for essential oils in the home, pet owners must take extra care with essential oils as some oils can be toxic to pets

“When we talk about essential oils, we are actually talking about organic chemistry,” says certified aromatherapy expert Pat Princi-Jones. “Yes, they are natural, but this does not mean they are totally safe and without side effects! 

We know from using them that essential oils are highly concentrated liquids made up of lots of chemical compounds prepared by the parent plant to protect itself. Certain chemical groups found in essential oils can be irritating – if used carelessly and incorrectly.”

“I have no doubt that pure essential oils can work wonders on our pets when used with care and as directed. My observations over decades confirm that essential oil actually can strengthen the canine-human bond. 

But when using oils on or around dogs, it is important to be aware of which oils are harmless and which oils carry potential risks.”

Essential oils to avoid using around your pets:

❌ Basil
 Eucalyptus (for cats)
 Tea Tree
❌ Peppermint (for cats)
❌ Citrus Oils
 Clove Bud
❌ Rosemary  (for dogs)
 Pine Needle
 Ylang Ylang

Best essential oils for safe use around dogs:

✔️ Lavender
✔️ Bergamot
✔️ Chamomile
✔️ Frankincense
✔️ Cedarwood
✔️ Geranium

Best essential oils for safe use around cats:

✔️ Roman Chamomile
✔️ Frankincense

Please Note: 

How your dog/cat reacts to an essential oil will depend on many factors like size of the animal, size of the room etc. Always ensure when using essential oils around pets that you monitor their reaction and use it in small doses.

Oil Garden takes the guesswork out of finding the right essential oils for pets.

Their new Pooch Pamper Pack and the Ready For A Cat Nap Pack include oils carefully selected for their safety and benefits for dogs and cats.

Olive Garden's Pooch Pamper Pack

Pooch Pamper Pack: 

This pup pack contains Lavender and Geranium, known for their soothing and calming properties to provide a restful space for your canine.

Ready For A Cat Nap Pack:

This catnap pack contains calming and soothing Lavender and Roman Chamomile as well as a spritz bottle to create a cat-safe spray.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $51.97 (Pooch Pamper Pack); $49.97 (Ready For A Cat Nap Pack).

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