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Australia's outdoor activity brand Wahu launches Wahu Pets

Iconic Aussie brand Wahu expands into the pet market

Australia’s most iconic outdoor activity brand, Wahu, are excited to announce their expansion into the pet market. Launching during Australian Spring 2021, Wahu Pets will make the amazing outdoor fun and activities that are irrefutably Wahu even more enjoyable by including our furry friends and four-legged family members.

With respect to timing, the latest statistical data shows a spike in pet ownership over the past 12 months, allowing Wahu to be confident that there’s no better time than right now to launch their product into the booming pet market.

Andrew Lee, Managing Director of Wahu says, ‘It’s clear that we love our pets in Australia. In fact, previous studies have shown that 62% of all Australian households have a pet. That amounts to 4.8 million pet dogs in Australia alone.’ In fact, that figure is on the rise - with pet ownership showing incredibly strong growth thanks to Covid-19 lockdowns, and more of us reducing office time and working from our homes.

According to Tegan McPherson, RSPCA Victoria Head of Operations, there’s been a 45% increase in dog adoptions alone since March 2020, and 59% of people who don’t own a pet currently, say they would like to own one in the future.

It certainly is a dog’s world.

Andrew continues, ‘We’ve always been about good family fun at Wahu, and our pets are most definitely an important part of the family. Expanding into the pet market feels like the natural progression for the Wahu brand and means we can bring even more fun and joy to the entire family.’

With a diverse range of 30 Wahu Pets toys being released to the market during Australia’s spring 2021, there’s something to suit everyone (or should we say, every pooch) in the initial product release. 

Pet lovers can challenge their dogs to a game of Wahu Pets Chew Wars on toys featuring dual end handles with ultra-grip technology and bonus squeak function for extra fun. 

Or to encourage active dogs, owners can play with the new Fetch ‘N Squeak, the rigid flying disc that is ideal for use at the park, beach or in the backyard.

The Wahu team haven’t forgotten about our furry pals’ health either. Figures from PetMD show that by age three, more than 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease

To help, Wahu Pets have created the Teeth Clean Bone or Clean Dumbbell.

These tough, flexible rubber design let your pooch have fun, whilst also cleaning their teeth in the process.

All Wahu Pets toys remain Aussie born and bred and feature long-lasting and pet safe materials (yes, even for puppies!) for durability, performance, and safety. Now, thanks to Wahu, our furry best mates can have long-lasting fun at the park, beach, campground or backyard and the whole family can join in.

‘We’re excited to be able to offer our unique brand of family fun to the entire family now, including our family pets. We know what important members they are. Plus, nothing can match the joy that a dog feels fetching a flying disc along the beach. And that joy is infectious. Our new Wahu Pets range will help spread that joy throughout Australia and beyond’, Andrew concludes.

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About Wahu

WAHU, a homegrown Aussie brand since 1999, is known and loved as the company that embraces the classic Aussie outdoor lifestyle, and provides the games, toys and equipment to help families throughout Australia do the same. They have a vast array of toys for land, lake or sea, for both humans and pets, that enhance safe, imaginative and active play.

MEDIA RELEASE, 15th June 2021


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