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Animal Welfare League Queensland Tax Appeal 2021

Meet Bessie - the face of a promise and Animal Welfare League Queensland's tax appeal

Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) has launched its annual Tax Appeal with a target to raise $80,000 by 30 June, so the organisation can continue to go the extra mile for animals in their care.

AWLQ’s work is more than just providing a safe haven for close to 10,000 stray and homeless animals every year. It’s about maintaining a promise to save more lives and creating a brighter future for animals in need.

Melinda Phipps, AWLQ State Rehoming Manager said this is achieved by not turning away animals who are suffering and not euthanising animals because they are old or require treatment.
AWLQ saves more lives because of our promise – to never euthanise a healthy, sociable or treatable animal in our care." 
"In addition, we are committed to keeping pets and families together by providing lifesaving support so animals are never unnecessarily euthanised or surrendered.

“We are dedicated to serving the animals of our community and with the community by our side, we can continue to go the extra mile and help animals in need,” said Ms Phipps.

Animals, just like Bessie, who has become the face of AWLQ’s Tax Appeal.

“Bessie came into our care as a stray in a very sorry state and our dedicated team made it their mission to bring Bessie back to health and provide her with a second chance.

“It is evident her severe case of dry eye was left untreated for a lengthy period. This is a very painful condition and sadly treatment was not an option due to how ulcerated and damaged the eyes were. It was decided that removing her eyes was the most humane option. Bessie also had advanced dental disease and required multiple teeth extractions. A total of ten teeth were removed.

“Following weeks of veterinary treatment and the dedicated care from Bessie’s foster carer, we saw dramatic improvements in her health and happiness,” said Ms Phipps.

Bessie has now joined AWLQ’s rehoming program to be adopted into her new permanent home.

Being a not-for-profit charity, that receives no government funding for its animal welfare work, AWLQ relies solely on the generosity of the community to continue to help animals in need.

As we come to the end of the financial year, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. 

Every little bit makes a world of difference to animals in need

You can donate to AWLQ’s Tax Appeal by visiting

MEDIA RELEASE, 21st June 2021

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