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Serotoninkc launches breed-specific dog grooming range


Launching in 2021, Serotoninkc is the 'new kid on the block' with its unique take on dog shampoos and conditioners.

Proudly formulated and made in Melbourne, the business started with Roxxie (Founder) developing a shampoo that didn't irritate her sensitive Boxer dog, Karl. Roxxie, a Chemist and Product Developer who has previously formulated skin care for babies, spent 18 months deep diving into what made dogs different to humans and what makes each breed unique.

The result was the development of her Ultra Sensitive 'Nude' range along with 24 breed specific, hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners all using natural products, pH neutral and infused with organic oils.

"When you put two dogs side by side, it's easy to see that a little Pug with such a squishy face has different grooming needs to a Golden Retriever with a thick double coat. 

Different dog breeds have different grooming needs. We custom formulate for each breed, starting with different coat lengths and types, to ensure your dog has the best experience." Roxxie said.

"Our Boxer shampoo has been formulated to produce a light foam that quickly pulls dirt from the fur and is quick rinsing. This cleanses but also keeps important natural oils on the skin. Whereas our German Shepherd shampoo produces a thicker, creamer foam to penetrate the multiple layers of fur to get rid of all of the dirt you can't see" Roxxie said.

There is a shampoo and conditioner pair for each of their dog breeds with a RRP $24.95 (500mL) each.

Main Features of the Serotoninkc range

✔️ hypoallergenic
✔️ organic oils
✔️ natural ingredients
✔️ pH neutral
  no nasties

Each breed also has a bundle pack that includes their 'Nude' leave-in conditioner spray (250mL) and, for longer fur breeds, a 'Nude' detangler spray (250mL). The bundles range from $59.95 to $69.95 and represent great value, especially when the bundle packs have free shipping!

The Ultra Sensitive 'Nude' range, with ingredients typically used in baby formulations for their mildness and infused with organic Avocado Oil, has been a huge hit with customers.

"We've had dogs that have only ever been able to use an oatmeal scrub move on to our product safely, which has been very pleasing to hear. 

We have also had great feedback from groomers about how well it has not only worked on their clients (dogs) but also left their hands, after a busy day, feeling much better than before" Roxxie said.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $24.95 (500mL) for any dog breed shampoo or conditioner; from $59.95 (for bundles including free shipping).

For more information, please visit

You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram @Serotoninkc

MEDIA RELEASE, 26th May 2021


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