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Pawfect Surprise Dog Subscription Box - Review

Are you finding it hard to keep up with the sheer number of new dog subscription boxes for dog owners in Australia? You’re not alone!

Until 5 years ago, we’d never heard of the concept of dog subscription boxes, let alone tried one. Now, there are dozens to select from just on the Australian market so where to start?

We would normally consider these gift ideas only to celebrate one of our dogs' birthday or Gotcha’ Day but who does not love to receive a Pawfect Surprise?

Our twins, Porthos and Aramis, have realised that most deliveries are for them these days and they will make a beeline to get a close look and sniff any parcels as soon as they arrive!

They may have missed their vocation as working detection dogs…

How does the Pawfect Surprise Dog Subscription Box work?

One of the newest entrants on the Australian marketplace in late 2019, Pawfect Surprise is a more traditional monthly dog subscription, where you first choose your preferred option
then patiently wait for your delivery each month... However, the good news is that your first one will be dispatched immediately!

Depending on your chosen option (ranging from $39 - $69 per month) you will receive more toys and bonus items (grooming product, health & wellness supplements, bonus etc.)

You will first need to enter a few basic details regarding your pet (dog or cat, their size and sex, you can also choose to exclude soft toys if you have a heavy chewer). 

If you’re happy to share additional personal information about their breed, name, birthday and whether they suffer from any food allergies or behavioural issues, this will allow the team to personalise your box even further as each box will contain a selection of items individually curated for your pet.

All options include a selection of chew and soft toys, accessories and 100% natural meat treats to make playtime and training time more fun!

Because there is no lock-in contract, you can change options or cancel at any time.

What was in our Pawfect Surprise Empawrium Dog Subscription Box?

For our trial, the team at Pawfect Surprise selected the Empawrium Dog Box ($69/month) to be shared between our two large dogs as it delivers the most value (RRP: $216).

This top option includes the widest choice of items and accessories and in our opinion would be best suited to new puppy owners or those of us with multiple dogs who may not be so gentle on their toys!

The first items we decided to trial with our dogs (at their request!) were the chew toys and soft toys: all our Shepherds always love the challenge of unravelling rope toys but they tend not to last very long in our house… However, when we reflect on how much we used to spend on similar items in pet stores, these were a bargain!

At first glance, our selection seemed maybe more appropriate for a puppy or a small dog than our 30kg Malinois but they looked like they were having lots of fun, especially with the squeaky transparent dumbbell - surprisingly still in one piece…

Our fourth toy was the Suction Cup Self-Play Rubber Ball Food Dispenser which can best be described as an interactive dog toy

Simply stick the strong suction cap onto any smooth surface (like a window) and let your dog pull and play to their heart's content!

The flexible grooves on the ball can help clean your dog's hard-to-reach tooth surfaces as they chew, and can be stuffed with their favourite treats or paste to provide a fun interactive play session. 

The bouncy elastic rope provides entertaining but erratic movements and Porthos was a bit unsure what to make of this at first but once he discovered he could extract treats, he decided it was great fun!

As we finish writing our review, Aramis is sound asleep after collecting 3 out of the 4 toys in her bed (best to keep those close in case someone - like a pesky brother - should attempt to steal them!).

Our mystery bonus item were some Beef Paddywhacks (3 large strips) which were a great fit for our dogs. They loved chomping on these on the deck (it can get messy) under the sun as a reward for posing for our photos! 

Made from 100% Australian Beef Tendon, these are a long-lasting, digestible chew that your dogs will love too. They are especially good for heavy chewers and a fabulous natural alternative to rawhide (we would never touch those!).

These were quite crunchy so not suited to our older dog which is why it is essential to provide as much information as you're comfortable with, when you first set up your subscription.

We don’t give our dogs too many baths (also at their request!) and you're short on time but share your bed with your dogs these natural pet spritzers are awesome for a quick refresh in-between baths. 

Pawfect Surprise have created their own branded Furry Fresh Lavender & Peppermint Spritzer made with doTerra essential oils (safe for humans and pets). A few squirts (3-4) go a long way and were enough to keep our pets fresh smelling for a day until they decided to roll into something unmentionable in the backyard!

Instead of the expected Health & Wellness supplement, we received the Pet Drs Natural Nose Balm which will come in handy during the winter months. 

Made with coconut & avocado oils and natural beeswax, it will help moisturise our dogs’ noses though Aramis thought it would be a good idea to give it a lick as well just in case it was one of those fancy edible treats!

You can never have too many dog waste bags but when in a hurry it's easy forget to pack them before heading out for a walk. Our Supaw fun accessory was a dog bag dispenser with a carabiner clip so you could keep it permanently on your dog's walking harness or leash (it simply unscrews to fit a new roll). A neat feature is the built-in LED light which is great for early morning and late night walks or to find the keyhole to your front door!

Like many dog subscription boxes, Pawfect Surprise have packaged their own range of Australian-made treats. 

In our box, we received a 150g pack of Wild Roo Jerky (the squares are perfect for training and can easily be snapped into even smaller pieces).

What Dog Subscription Box options are available?

We all love to spoil our dogs but who has an unlimited budget for treats and toys not to mention the time spent scouting around for the latest and best deals? 
If you regularly spend money on dog toys and dog treats, getting a Pawfect Surprise is totally worth it to see your dogs beaming at you!

Their items (most under the Pawfect Surprise own label) are sourced from all over the world but they always make sure that they evaluate and test each product in Australia before they are provided to customers. The company works with a number of vets and behavioural specialists who assist in the selection of products that go into each subscription box.

We like the fact that there is a very affordable option at only $39/month for the Pawfully Fun! Box to dip your toes in if you'd like to trial one for the first time.

You can then decide to upgrade to either the Supaw Fun! Box at $55/month or go all out with The Empawrium! Box at $69/month.

Your first Pawfect Surprise subscription box will be dispatched the next business day after you sign up and then on the same day of each following month.

Deliveries within VIC, NSW & QLD may take between 1-10 business days to arrive, while deliveries to other states and territories may take 3-14 business days to arrive. Deliveries to remote areas may take a little longer.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $39/month (Pawfully Fun), $55/month (Supaw Pet) or $69/month (The Empawrium) from

Follow Pawfect Surprise on Facebook at and 
on Instagram at

Disclaimer: The Empawrium! Dog Subscription Box (April 2021) was sent to us in order to complete this Review.

There is also a Pawfect Surprise option for your cat.. though they may like the box more!


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