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Stylish Hound Launches Dog Swim Jackets

Dogs get water safe with new stylish dog swim jackets

If you have a canine family member. you’ll likely want them to enjoy all the activities you do. As Aussies, we love a trip to the beach, and with many dog-friendly beaches around Australia and dog ownership soaring in the past year, it was a no brainer for Karen and Edward, co-founders of Stylish Hound to create chic dog swim jackets.

The Stylish Hound dog swim jackets are made with the highest quality buoyancy foam, a padded neoprene handle, a leash attachment at the top of the vest, an adjustable double chest strap and neck strap for maximum security, contoured neck, and they are heavy duty, with double lined polyester construction, and made from quick drying material.

In addition, they come in bright colours for high visibility, with sizes ranging from small to extra large. 

Of course, as with human kids, these swim jacket for pooches is for risk protection and assisting them when swimming, and supervision is essential at all times.

Dedicated to making your pooch’s life safe and fun, Stylish Hounds was founded when Karen’s regular routine with her four-legged best friend Bagel the Beagle was interrupted after Karen’s accident and a resulting broken arm.

Walking Bagel became quite a challenge, in fact almost impossible, so Karen designed the brand’s signature product: the no pull harness. This secure harness features a front attachment, giving your furry friend a gentle reminder when they get carried away. With the no pull harness, you’re taking your dog on a walk – not the other way around!

From this came a brand with products steeped in functionality and style, with shared memories with your beloved dog at the centre of its ethos.

Karen Yang, Co-Founder of Stylish Hound said: “Aussies spend so much of their time at the beach and in the water and their dogs go everywhere with them. It was only fitting that we created a swim range to fit in with the Australian lifestyle and to provide dogs, and their owners, with the confidence and safety for them to swim.”

An Animal Medicines Australia report on pet ownership shows that dog ownership in 2016 was at 38 per cent of households in NSW, or 20 dogs per 100 people. 

Updated pandemic figures from show that nationally there was a doubling in adoptions in a one-month period, with 12,534 adoptions between March 2 and April 19, with primarily cats and dogs making their way to their new homes.

Generally in NSW, dogs can hit the beach off their leash all day on weekdays, but times are restricted on weekends and public holidays. On those days, off leash times are before 9am and after 4pm.

With leashes in fun prints, ‘adventure kits’ (with water bottles and biodegradable poop bags), Stylish Hound is committed to creating the cutest, most stylish bonding experiences with our furry companions.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $59.99. Discover the new swim range at

MEDIA RELEASE, 8th February 2021


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