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PetSafe Australia raises awareness for pet hydration during January

PetSafe® Australia announces Tania Zaetta as Ambassador for Pet Hydration Month 

PetSafe® Brand Australia has announced Australian personality Tania Zaetta as their official ambassador to support their annual PetSafe® Pet Hydration Month awareness campaign, which runs throughout January 2021.

Tania Zaetta is the first Australian ambassador engaged by PetSafe® Brand Australia to front the annual campaign.

“Pet Hydration Month is a key campaign on the PetSafe® calendar”, comments PetSafe® Australia Brand Manager, Zarqa Ali, “and we are super excited to partner with Tania and her gorgeous dog Captain Charlie!”

“Captain Charlie and I are very passionate about helping to raise awareness for pets of all types during Petsafe’s Pet Hydration Month”, comments Ambassador Tania Zaetta, “sharing our tips on just how simple it really can be to protect the health of your pet and potentially even save their lives”.

Tania's beloved dog, Captain Charlie, has been part of Tania's family for six years, since he was a puppy, and says she is as protective of her pup as if he was one of her children.

"Captain Charlie is really more like my third child," states Tania, “he is as much a part of my family as my 2-year-old twins are! 

He goes everywhere with us, and as a family, we take his wellbeing very seriously, ensuring he has all he needs to stay happy and healthy".

Vets across Australia see an increase in dehydration and heat exhaustion within domestic pets throughout the summer, something that can be deadly if not treated early

PetSafe® Australia's Pet Hydration Month aims to help educate pet owners on how they can easily manage their pets' hydration needs through the hotter months to avoid any trips to the vets, hopefully!

"Keeping Captain Charlie cool and with plenty of fresh water daily is paramount to us all year round, but especially during summer," continues Tania. "
This campaign will help pet owners understand how much water your pet actually needs, which is a lot more then you think!' 

Over January, Tania, along with PetSafe® Australia, will be releasing a range of tips, tricks, and information, including how much water your pet really needs, how to keep your pet cool all day, how to spot early signs of dehydration, how to encourage your pet to drink and more!

PetSafe® Australia Pet Hydration Month will run throughout January. 

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MEDIA RELEASE, 7th January 2021

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