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Calming Pets Launches Weighted Blankets to Relieve Dog Anxiety

Calming Pets - A new all-Australian way to relieve your dog’s anxiety and stress, without medication

Just launched: new weighted blankets for dogs that soothe your furbabies mentally and physically.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not only people who are increasingly stressed and anxious. Animal behaviour expert Laura Vissaritis notes that “MRIs of dogs have shown they have emotions, fear and anxiety like us”. She estimates that around 40% of dogs globally feel some form of anxiety.

Kirsty Thomson - Director at Calming Pets and its sister company Calming Moments – says, “The idea for Calming Pets was born in the Calming Moments’ factory in Mandurah, WA. Some of our staff are dog mums to rescue dogs and they really worried about their furbabies’ anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. (They guessed this came from abuse by previous owners.)”

“We know that the Deep Pressure Touch exerted by weighted blankets has been clinically proven to reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress in people, as well as their physical symptoms. These include fast heart rates, rapid breathing and elevated blood pressure.

The team made weighted blankets for each of the dogs with anxiety and took them home to trial. Some took a few days to adapt to the blankets. Now, most of them won’t go to bed unless they’re under their weighted blanket.

And one dear little Chihuahua who had insomnia, now sleeps through the night every night.”

How do Calming Pets’ weighted blankets for dogs work?

Calming Pets’ weighted blankets help soothe the body and mind by using Deep Pressure Touch.

Deep Pressure Touch is a consistent, gentle pressure caused by pressing down on the body or limbs.

When a dog gets stressed, the sympathetic nervous system releases adrenaline into the body. It governs the “fight or flight” response and causes changes in a dog’s body like increased blood flow to the muscles and a faster heart rate.

Constant production of adrenaline drains a dog. It causes fatigue and can cause negative changes physically – including stopping the digestive system working properly, muscle atrophy and makes it more likely that a dog will get sick.

When you put a Calming Pets’ weighted blanket on a dog, the Deep Pressure Touch deactivates the sympathetic nervous system. And so, it stops all these negative physical symptoms of stress.

But the Deep Pressure Touch continues to work to literally calm your pet as it switches on the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the body that manages the body when it does relaxing things.

The heart beat slows. The rate of breathing slows. Muscles relax.

So, you can see, the twin actions of the Deep Pressure Touch can help your dog feel less stressed and anxious. Ultimately, this helps them sleep better.

Calming Pets engineers its weighted blankets to give the best Deep Pressure Touch benefit for your dog.

We sew a number of same size pockets into each weighted blanket and fill each one with the same weight of micro glass beads.

We don't use plastic poly pellets because these have uncomfortable edges that poke into your body. Plastic poly pellets also rustle and make a rattling noise - which will disturb your dog's rest.

And because each pocket has a standard weight of beads in it, the blanket's weight is evenly dispersed through it. This means that there is no pulling or bunching and your dog gets consistent calming Deep Pressure Touch over their whole body.

The great thing has been that those early successes with our own dogs have been replicated again and again. And our customers have shared their success stories with us.

Get your dog a Calming Pets weighted blanket today and help them feel calmer and less panicked. 

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: starting from $107.40 at

To receive 20% off the purchase price, use the code AUSTRALIANDOGLOVER at the checkout.

MEDIA RELEASE, 25th January 2021

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