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Badger and Me Dog Birthday Box – Review

Variety is the spice of life and we love nothing more than discovering up-and-coming pet businesses like newcomer Badger and Me, that put sourcing high-quality unique items at the top of their priority list! 

Having trialled a number of dog subscription and one-off dog gift boxes, we have found this market segment a bit of a mixed bag and many providers have come and gone over the years.

To stand out and survive, you need to deliver not only excitement but also value for money if you expect dog owners to part with their dollars on a regular basis for the subscription model.

More and more we’re leaning towards being able to hand pick all the elements from a huge selection of dog toys and dog treats, fashion accessories and party props – ideally Australian-made and owned - because we know what we and our dogs like!

Introducing Badger and Me Pet Boxes

Badger and Me is an Australian business located in Melbourne, which started in August 2020. Its owners were searching for ways to spoil their own motley crew of pets including their dog Badger, two cats, two rabbits and a budgie but finding there were limited options for them, they decided to create their own range of species specific custom pet boxes.

For dogs, you’ll find options to celebrate in style their Birthday or Christmas but you can also purchase individual toys, treats and fashion accessories from brands like Big & Little Dogs, Barker & Fetch or Barkin’ Style.

For Conner’s 14th Birthday we chose the “Build Your Own Box” option for a range of reasons. Sadly 
he no longer supports his hind legs due to worsening canine arthritis so former favourite activities like fetch and tug-of-war are now behind him. However he has the appetite of a lion and will hoe into any food or treats on offer and still enjoys murdering a soft toy, especially if it comes with a squeaker inside. 

Our birthday planning last week-end was marred by a two-day heatwave with temperatures soaring above 40˚C and with another dog suffering from gastroenteritis - eventually requiring a vet visit - these were not the ideal conditions to stage a dog birthday party!

Birthday boy Conner is grinning from ear to ear, looking forward to his Donut Tower
and biscuits from Pooch Cakes

The next day we finally got organised and in a party mood to set up a special area for the dogs to enjoy. Conner loved being the centre of attention, even if our senior citizen needed a few breaks and naps throughout the afternoon.

Our Badger and Me "Build Your Own Box" Experience

We did love some elements from the standard Dog Party Box but having already sampled a few, we elected instead to customise our own box to Conner’s special needs as an elderly dog. 

And with Christmas just around the corner, this allowed us to introduce some themed treats and a dog toy that you’d normally find in one of the Badger and Me Christmas Boxes so Conner got a little spoilt as he was sampling the best of both options! 

Build Your Own Box (Variation on Party Box)

✔️ Big & Little Dogs "Birthday Balloons" bandana (RRP: $11.95) to dress up for the party! Being an extremely hot day, Conner appreciated the fact it was made from lightweight breathable material and it was easy to tie loosely around his neck. It will get more use over summer as a cooling bandana: it is as easy as running it under cold water and keeping it wet (you could put in the fridge as well).

✔️ 1 x Petbloon Interactive Balloon Ball Toy, which was an instant favourite with our active Malinois twins. Petbloon is a bright and light waterproof balloon cover transforming any standard balloon (3 are provided) into a fun, safe dog toy for fun in your backyard, in the pool or at the beach! (RRP: $21.95)

✔️1 x All Barks Aussie Nibbles (100g), which are an Australian-made lean blend of air-dried premium Kangaroo & Venison meat. Their bite size makes them very economical and ideal to use for training without loading up on calories. (RRP: $11.99)

✔️ 1 x Brown Dog Bakery ‘Sunflower Power’ (130g) of cute bone-shaped dog biscuits made of human-grade ingredients like Oats, Oranges, Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds and Natural Honey. (RRP: $16.50)

✔️ 1 x Bell & Bone Dental Sticks Kangaroo Mint & Turmeric (7 Large) to improve the dental hygiene of our Malinois Porthos (RRP: $18.95). As he shares our bed - and occasionally even our pillow - a fresher cleaner breath would be appreciated! 

Optional Christmas-themed Gifts

✔️ Laila and Me Elf Candy Christmas Treats (100g) suitable for both dogs and cats.
These are little pieces of Australian Pink Ling Fish squashed into little cookie pieces, which we'll be setting aside for a special low-fat Christmas snack! (RRP: $16.95)

Can you crush on dog toys? Apparently, the answer is yes and we’re not talking about our dogs… 

Christmas Holiday Tree-Rex Santa from PetShop by Fringe Studio. 
We could not resist this squeaky plush dog toy which features a smiling T-Rex covered in Christmas lights and topped with a Santa hat! (RRP: $26.99)

Honestly, it was so hard to choose just one toy that you may want to start collecting them all including the Sloth, Santa Unicorn, Feelin' Festive Pyjama Llama or Gingerbread Girl... 

Also included were a Yummo Doggo Christmas Tree Cookie (RRP: $6.00) from South Australian-based Brown Dog Bakery and a 
Barkin' Style Green & White Reindeer (Reversible) Dog Bandana (RRP: $12.00) so at least someone's festive outfit is organised for this year!

This is the main difference we find when dealing with smaller Australian-owned businesses like Badger and Me: customer service is top of mind because every single transaction (and repeat business) matters; you’re not “just a number” in their ordering system. 
They, in turn support our local economy by using other small Australian suppliers.

Whether you’re looking to spoil your dog rotten this Christmas with a box full of goodies, planning to celebrate a special occasion or are simply interested in discovering boutique brands of treats, dog accessories or toys, you’ll find loads of novel ideas when you browse the Badger and Me online shop.

We know we’ll be keeping an eye out on their new arrivals in 2021!

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $55.00 - $70.00 (Christmas Box), $95.00 (Party Box) and set your own budget with the Build Your Own Box option at

Follow Badger and Me on Instagram at
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