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Petz Park Stress + Anxiety Dog Supplement

Petz Park are a Sydney based brand that specialise in supplements for dogs. They are devoted to their mission of bringing Australian families closer together, one dog at a time.

They create powerful products for any age and breed of dog, only using ingredients that make all the difference.

Petz Park have added another potent, results-based product to their range in the form of Stress + Anxiety for Dogs. This proudly falls alongside their current products: Hip + Joint, Probiotic and Skin + Coat.

Approximately 40% of dogs in Australia suffer from an anxiety condition. Now that dog owners around the country are beginning to return to work, it is expected that this number will become more apparent.

What is Stress + Anxiety for Dogs?

Knowing that problems can strike at any time, Petz Park ensured this product is fit for any age and breed of dog. Made right here in Australia, it contains ingredients that not only relieve stress and calm your dog, but a whole lot more.

Stress + Anxiety can also help ease insomnia, create a balance between the mind and body, stabilise hormones and combat motion sickness.

What are the active ingredients and what benefits do they have?

L-Tryptophan is a natural amino acid involved in producing the stress reliever Serotonin.

✔️ B1 is a vitamin that helps keep the brain healthy and cell function optimal.

✔️ Both Chamomile & Ginger Root Powder have sedative effects on the GI tract. This helps to limit common anxiety signs in dogs such as crouching, lowered ears, crying, chewing, trembling, hiding, and unexpected urination as well as combating motion sickness.

✔️ Valerian Root is also a natural sedative, which helps to alleviate insomnia and aggression. 

How do you know if your dog is anxious?

An anxious dog can take on different characteristics that are important to recognise. 

This can include trembling, whining, hiding behind you, excessive drooling or destructive behaviour and restlessness or pacing.

Stress + Anxiety for Dogs is designed to assist in relieving symptoms of anxiety in your dog

Each ingredient in this unique formula has its own function and carries an individual importance. 

This product comes in powder form and is measured in level scoops according to your dog’s weight. 

It can be simply sprinkled on top of your dog’s food or mixed in if they prefer. 

Petz Park’s latest release is just one of their rapidly growing range of supplements. 

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $44.95 (180g - approx. 90 scoops) for Stress + Anxiety at

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MEDIA RELEASE, last updated 6th May 2021

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