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Ziwi Peak Provenance Dog Food - Review

New Ziwi Peak Provenance Dog Food Has Landed in Australia 

A Dog's Best Lifeone of the latest Ziwi resellers, kindly brought this range to our attention last month and glancing at the premium quality and novelty of the ingredients, we could not wait to trial the new Provenance range with our pack. 

This is a much welcome addition to Ziwi’s mainly single source protein foods; some of you may remember we reviewed their Lamb Air-Dried Cuisine recipe back in early 2016!

Over the years, we have offered our three dogs weird and wonderful food options but never had they eaten goat, mutton or these New Zealand ocean fish species... It had been a few years since we last took a look at the Ziwi Peak range but our dogs are very grateful we did!

Introducing the Ziwi Provenance range

The new Ziwi Peak Provenance dog food range features three different recipes, all comprising a variety of five meats and fish, ethically and sustainably sourced in New Zealand. 

These new recipes contain 96% meat, seafood, organs and bone, with authentic ratios to mirror a natural diet for our canine friends, with an added superfood blend of cold-washed tripe, NZ green mussels and kelp to deliver peak nutrition. 

All the recipes are grain-free and also contain no cheap fillers like potato or legumes.

The food is slow and gently air-dried to lock in nutrients without the need for artificial preservatives, and is a great ready-serve alternative to a raw diet

Ziwi Provenance Recipes: 

✔️ Otago Valley: 

From ancient mountains to alpine valleys, this diverse region is the inspiration behind ZIWI® Peak’s Otago Valley Provenance recipe. Featuring beef, venison and lamb—all free-range and grass-fed on Otago’s native grasses—and wild-caught fish (southern blue whiting, hoki) from the South Island’s subantartic waters. 

✔️ East Cape:

The first place on earth to see the sunrise, New Zealand’s spectacular East Cape is the inspiration behind ZIWI® Peak’s East Cape Provenance recipe. Featuring free-range mutton and goat combined with a blend of wild-caught fish (whole kawahai, whole trevally, whole mackerel) from Cape Reinga.

✔️ Hauraki Plains:

Named in Maori for its gentle winds, the fertile farmlands of the Hauraki Plains are the inspiration and the ingredient source for ZIWI® Peak’s Hauraki Plains Provenance recipe. This delicious blend of poultry (duck, turkey, chicken, eggs) and wild-caught fish (whole kawahai).

All formulas make a perfect topper or a complete meal that dogs are sure to love. 

All three varieties are available in 140g, 900g and 1.8kg bags as well as wet canned food (single or as a 12-pack).

Feeding calculators, full ingredient lists and guaranteed analysis are available for each recipe so worth having a read especially if your dog may be allergic to some ingredients.

Our Experience with the Ziwi Provenance range

The hardest part with any dog food trial with our pack is to successfully take photos before they start wolfing down their food and with the amazing smells wafting through the packaging, this was certainly a challenge!

You can't really compare the Ziwi food to any kibble you normally feed your dogs. If we could smell the difference  - especially upon opening the East Cape variety - we can only imagine how exciting this must have been for our dogs! 

The shape and size of the Ziwi Peak Provenance kibble was as we remembered it, more like thin flakes which is unique but our large dogs picked these up very easily. 

We grabbed handfuls straight from the packs to weigh their portions and found all 3 kibble varieties extra light and non-greasy (unlike the lamb variety back in 2016) so these would be great to use also a high value reward during training.

We also add a supplement to our senior dog's food mixed with water and the air-dried food rehydrated very quickly, ensuring he was taking his entire dose each time which was an added bonus.

One of our dogs' favourite raw food is human-grade kangaroo mince and using the Ziwi Provenance range as a meal topper worked extremely well to jazz up their meals!

For our 30kg dogs, the recommended daily portion was 218g but we only added 50g-75g to their meals (twice a day) to stretch out our trial packs a little further.

To see if our dogs had any preference, we gave them equal opportunity to sample each variety (both dry and wet food) and all passed with flying colours. Great palatability and no issues with digestion with any of our dogs either so could not really pick a favourite.

The only negative as with all Ziwi food is that Ziwi Peak Provenance comes with a hefty price tag (still over $60/kg even when you buy the largest bag of 1.8kg) so for those of us with medium or large dogs (we normally purchase 18kg bags), it is unlikely to be more than a meal topper but a little goes a long way!

For information on how much of each variety you need to feed your own dog, you can use the Ziwi Feeding Calculator

If planning to fully switch your dog over to any new food like Ziwi Provenance we recommend introducing it gradually over 7-10 days. Check out the Ziwi Feeding Transition Guide for more information.

About A Dog's Best Life

A Dog's Best Life is a new Australian owned and operated family business based in Emerald, Victoria. Their mission is to help dog owners give their furry friends all they need to live their best life, whilst offering the fast and personalised service they believe all customers deserve.

Not only do they pride themselves in selecting the highest quality options for your dog's nutrition, their range now encompasses dog toys, puzzle games and snuffle mats.

We were impressed by their efforts to offer the best solutions based on our needs and would highly recommend them.

We too believe that brand loyalty should be rewarded so it is worth mentioning they offer a great Rewards Program to their customers. Every dollar you spend with A Dog’s Best Life will earn you points (1 point per dollar) to save you money on future purchases. Once you reach 250 points, you'll receive a $5 discount. 

With Christmas coming up, why not browse their one-stop-shop to spoil your dog/s this year?

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $13.99 (140g) - $109.99 (1.8kg) for Provenance (dry food); $4.99 (can of wet food) - $53.89 (12-pack)

You can order a Taste Tester Pack (all 3 varieties) for only $39.00

To receive free shipping (minimum spend of $39), use your coupon ADLTASTE at

Disclaimer: 3 x 900g packs and 3 cans were provided by A Dog's Best Life to sample to the range and complete this review.

"What do we say to our nosey cat Arya who comes investigating? Not today! These are for the dogs... "


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