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Dog Lovers Book Club - August 2020

From a practical guide to natural and balanced pet nutrition to much needed insights into dog teenagehood and dogversations captured by a photographer, here are our top picks of new releases and popular titles for this August 2020 Dog Lovers Book Club.

by Barbara Hodel

All dogs (and humans) have to go through the teenage phase to reach the stability of adulthood. Some dogs breeze through this stage with barely a glitch, but most of us will have a challenging time.

It is normal to sometimes feel despondent or disappointed because we thought we did everything right when they were puppies and now nothing seems to be working. The challenges of the teenage phase are real and can put out relationship with our dog at risk.

It does not have to be like this! This book, by qualified and accredited dog trainer 
Barbara Hodel, will help you to understand your teenage dog better and navigate these challenges, by covering: 
✔️ an understanding of the unique challenges you and your teenage dog face 
✔️ why and how your relationship matters in the training process 
✔️ the role of anthropomorphism and consideration of dog emotions and minds 
✔️ the benefits of positive reinforcement 
✔️ the importance of lifelong socialisation 
✔️ how to keep you and your dog’s sanity despite some common setbacks and promoting the value of calmness. 

You can – and should – enjoy your teenage dog despite the difficult behaviours they show.
The reward is a happy and well-adjusted friend for life!

For a chance to win 1 of 4 copies, enter our competition closing August 22.

RRP: $29.00 (print) or $20.00 (e-book) at

by Dr Clare Middle

Real Food for Dogs and Cats is for every pet lover who wants to ensure their cat or dog has the best chance of a long and healthy life. We know that a balanced diet is important for our own long-term health and it's the same for our pets. 

This no-nonsense guide to natural and balanced pet nutrition has simple, practical and effective ways to keep pets in top condition.

Dr Clare Middle is a veterinarian with over 25 years’ experience treating dogs and cats with both conventional and complementary veterinary medicine. She was the founding president of the Australian Association of Holistic Veterinarians.

Paperback, 160 pages
Publisher: Fremantle Press, 15th June 2020

RRP: $24.99 at

Conversations with My Dogs
by David Leswick, edited by Cynthia Haines

If these dogs could talk... here's precisely what Eva, the Brittany Spaniel, Bruno, the Golden Retriever, and Agnes, the genetically diverse rescue dog, would say. 

Eva is a brainy Brittany Spaniel who has a talent for puppy dog eyes, laundry hamper fashion critique, and garden-ornament bird watching. Bruno is a classically handsome Golden Retriever whose hobbies include dock jumping, hammocks, and being spectacular. Aggie is a sweet, good-natured rescue puppy . . . unless you're a squirrel.

Photographer David Leswick flawlessly captures the fun, quirky, clever, curious, and witty personalities of his family's three canine companions in this collection of heartwarming photography, along with the hilarious dogalogue that comes along with it. 

The perfect doggie treat for the eyes, heart, and sense of humour of any animal lover, Dogversations is a laugh-out-loud hysterical glimpse at how this canine crew tries to make heads or tails out of their daily lives with the human family that loves them.... 

Follow David and his puppy posse at and on Instagram @theDogWearsPantlers...

Paperback, 144 pages
Publisher: FriesenPress, 26th March 2020

RRP: $28.23 (Paperback); $11.60 (Kindle) from

by Casey Wilson

Sometimes the dogs we rescue... also rescue us.
A heart-wrenching and beautiful story perfect for dog lovers everywhere. Fans of A Dog's Purpose and Marley and Me will be utterly entranced by this gorgeous page-turner.

Madison knows her fourteen-year-old daughter Abbie is struggling. She wishes she could give Abbie stability, the promise of a forever home in Millbury, but she is scared to stay in one town for too long, and every day Abbie seems more anxious. Until a chance encounter with a beautiful, boisterous Golden Retriever puppy called Duke changes everything...

Duke bounces into the community centre where Madison is working and when Abbie meets him she stops pacing the room. Duke is tugging his owner, seventy-five-year-old Arthur, along for the ride, and instantly Madison sees a way she and Arthur can help each other. She offers to train Duke so that Abbie gets to see him, and from that moment the four of them become a family.

Madison finally feels like she has a second chance at life and a reason to stay in town, but when her past catches up with her they are all at risk. Duke may have united this family, but will he be able to keep them together?

A reminder of the unbelievable bonds we form with the dogs in our lives. No matter how broken you are, the unconditional love of a dog can piece you back together.

Paperback, 234 pages
Publisher: Bookouture, 2nd July 2020

RRP: $14.29 at


by Ruby Slipperjack

Abby is having trouble fitting in at Bear Creek Reserve. After having lived most of her life with her grandparents in town, it's definitely a transition moving back to the reserve. When Choom, her grandfather, falls ill, Abby must leave her best friends at school, her supportive grandparents, and her perfect pink bedroom, and adjust to living with her mom. 

But it's not only being back with Mom that is hard -- there's a new father, John, and a pesky half-brother, Blink. There is also a schoolroom full of kids who don't know her (and don't seem to want to), not to mention a completely different way of life that seems so traditional, so puzzling and complicated.

But, with the help of the reserve's chief, Paulie, a puppy named Ki-Moot, and her parents' vision of a sled-dog tourist venture, Abby slowly begins to find her rhythm at Bear Creek. All she has to do is follow the dog tracks.

Paperback, 240 pages
Published: 21st June 2020
For Ages: 12 - 14 years old

RRP: $31.95 at

Young Readers Edition
by Joe Layden,Will Chesney

Two dozen Navy Seals descended on Osama bin Laden's compound in May 2011. After the mission, only one name was made public: Cairo, a Belgian Malinois and military working dog. This is the story of Cairo and his handler, Will Chesney, a member of Seal Team Six whose life would be irrevocably tied to Cairo's.

Starting in 2008, when Will was introduced to the canine program, he and Cairo worked side by side, depending on each other for survival on hundreds of critical operations in the war on terrorism. But their bond went beyond their military service.

As Cairo aged and went on fewer missions, Will moved on to other assignments, forced to slowly-and painfully-distance himself from the dog. Then, in 2011, the call came: Pick up your dog and get back to Virginia. Now.

Cairo and Will trained for weeks for a secret mission, but it soon became clear that this was no ordinary operation. Cairo was among the first members of the U.S. military on the ground in Pakistan as part of Operation Neptune Spear, which resulted in the successful elimination of bin Laden.

As Cairo settled into a role as a reliable "spare dog," Will went back to his job - until a grenade blast in 2013 left him severely injured. Unable to participate in further missions, he tried to recover, medicine provided only modest relief. Instead, it was up to Cairo to save Will's life once more-and then up to Will to be there when Cairo needed him the most.

Hardcover, 256 pages
Published: 30th June 2020
For Ages: 8 - 13 years old

RRP: $36.25 at

by Renata Kaminska

Hector, a Dog's Story tells the beautiful tale of a puppy's love, friendship and search for happiness, set against the grey reality of the Second World War (Watch the trailer here).

It is a story that makes us think how the world and our lives might look from a dog's perspective. Is it really black and white, and is their perception so different from ours? Throughout his journey, Hector shows us that hope never dies, and that for everyone there is happiness waiting.

Hector, A Dog's Story explores the values that should direct our life, and invites the reader to look at the world through different eyes. The novel has been brought to life through the author's engrossing storytelling, combined with colourful illustrations designed by award-winning Indonesian illustrator, Irfan Budi Harjo

The author consulted psychologists and gathered feedback from parents and children, as well as animal lovers, and worked closely with well-known American editor, Mary Kole

Hector, a Dog's Story is supported by 11 organisations, including seven charity foundations. All patrons can be found on the project website: Profits from the sale will go straight to foundations supporting our furry friends and the children who adore them.

Hardcover, 101 pages (with author’s signature & free gifts); e-book version coming soon.
For Ages: 6–13 years old

RRP: £19.90 (hardcover) at


by Andrea Cassell 

This heartwarming story is about a dog named Kibby looking different. Children and adults will be touched by the beautiful lesson Kibby learned along the way. 

Kibby's story and feelings bring to life the way that dogs experience the "cone of shame."

Hardcover, 38 pages
Published: 7th July 2020
For Ages: 4 - 6 years old

RRP: $32.40 at

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