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Open Farm Pet Food Launches in Australia

Open Farm launches first fully traceable pet food to raise the bar on the way we feed our pets

Life in lockdown has given pet owners a new adoration for their four-legged friends with new research [1] revealing 50% of Aussies have FOGO – fear of going out without their pets, wanting lockdown to continue so they can be with them.

Forget Netflix binges and baking, 60% of Aussies say the best part of lockdown has been spending 24 hours a day with their pets, according to the research conducted by Open Farm – a premium pet food brand launched in Australia today, helping Aussies feed their pets as they would themselves, with ethically sourced, nutritious ingredients.

From having them as their alarm clock to surprise video call appearances, Aussies spent an average 6 hours a day more with their pets as they settled into isolation.

As the nation prepares for a new normal, 82% are worried about leaving their pets home alone and not spending enough time with them. A quarter (25%) fear their furry pals will think they don’t love them as much, while 1 in 10 are concerned about not feeding their pet as well.

The research found 51% of Aussies enjoyed keeping their pets happy and healthy in lockdown with two thirds (66%) already thinking about new ways to be with their pets, including working from home (36%) and sneaking home during lunch breaks (15%). One in 5 are even planning on taking ‘pawternity leave’, booking extra leave to be with their pet.

Commenting on the research, Animal Behavioural expert, Laura Vissaritis of Dognitive Therapy says, “Whether it's a long walk in the park or lazing on the sofa together, life in lockdown has allowed us to embrace the simple pleasures with our pets. 

As the research shows, many pet owners are feeling reluctant about going back to normal, with the wellbeing of their pet being more important than ever before. Maintaining their pet’s food intake and nutrition during this time of transition is a major concern for pet owners as they want to make sure they are happy and healthy even when they are not physically with them.”
With Aussies no longer wanting to go out without their pets, keeping them at their healthiest is a top priority. Over half the nation (60%) say their pet’s nutrition is more important than ever, with 86% wanting to know exactly what they’re putting into their pet’s body.

Knowing nutrition is crucial to pet’s overall health and wellbeing, Open Farm strives to deliver the best nutrition for your pet with premium, healthy recipes.

Commenting on the launch, Isaac Langleben, Co-Founder and CEO at Open Farm says, “Pets are part of the family and an incredibly important part of our lives, so we only want the very best for them – right down to knowing that we’re giving them great nutrition to keep them happy, energetic and healthy. 

At Open Farm we’re committed to helping Aussies raise the bar on the way they feed their pets by letting you trace every ingredient back to the source. Like every pet parent, we believe every animal needs love and kindness, which is why we only use ethically sourced ingredients from farmers who put their animals and the environment first.”

Open Farm pet food products are available now at from $29.99.

Connect with Open Farm Pet Food on Instagram @openfarmpet and on Facebook.

About Open Farm

Open Farm is committed to raising the bar on the way we feed our pets, using only ethically sourced ingredients that serve a real purpose. Working exclusively with farmers who have exceptional quality and sustainable practices, Open Farm pet food is made with clean, nutritious ingredients to give your pet exactly what they need. Open Farm is proud to be the first pet food brand to partner with TerraCycle Australia to offer their customers a free national pet food bag recycling program that supports Australian charities. Find out more about the innovative recycling company at

About the Open Farm pet food range

Open Farm provides a variety of dry and wet recipes for both dogs and cats. For all ages and stages of life and breeds, Open Farm offers a range of proteins as well as grain free and grain inclusive meals, giving your furry friend a wide selection of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and essential fatty acids. Products start from $29.99.

[1] Research conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of Open Farm on a nationwide sample of over 1,000 Australian pet owners.

MEDIA RELEASE, 22nd July 2020

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