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Dundies - Reusable Dog Diapers & Pet Nappies

Dundies® are Australian-designed and custom made dog undies. These innovative dog diapers were developed by dog lover Emily Martin in consultation with leading vets to ensure Dundies® are of exceptional quality and durability. 

These premium reusable dog diapers are the most absorbent and environmentally friendly diaper available in the market.

Why would you ever need to buy dog diapers?

Firstly, you could be considering short-term use for a puppy during house training - especially if you're not available to let them in/out very quickly - or for a dog recuperating from an operation or illness who cannot go outside to urinate.

At the other end of life, your senior pet's bladder becomes slightly less reliable with age. Dundies® have created a solution that also works for animal urinary incontinence. 

Their revolutionary hygiene system keeps senior and incontinent pets with their families longer, with the most superior comfort and reliable leak proof protection.

Though we promote early desexing of pets, there could be legitimate reasons why this is not the case: whether for medical reasons or because you're a registered breeder. 

Female dogs come onto season if they are not desexed. Many owners are forced to alienate their dog on heat outside to prevent them from making a mess in the home. Dundies® enables you to keep your pets closer inside and gives you the opportunity to watch them more closely and avoid unwanted litters

Whether you're looking for a solution for light incontinence, marking, toilet training, rehabilitation after desexing or other operation or for a senior pet, choosing the right nappy style for your pet is essential. 
This video will take all the guessing out!

The Dundies range of options:

#1. All In One Pet Nappy

A one-piece system, these dog diapers are the most absorbent on the market globally, found to be four times more absorbent than leading competitors. They're reusable and washable!

These are recommended for senior pets, dog incontinence, special needs pets and overnight.

#2. Snappie Diaper

The Snappies Diapers by Dundies® are a Snap and Wipe option. This exclusive designed technology was developed to provide the ultimate economic and versatile solution to the dirty end of pet business.

This is the nappy to choose for puppy training, senior pets suffering from incontinence, travelling accidents etc.

When you change your pet’s diaper frequently, waste trapped in the fur can lead to skin problems, resulting in skin irritation, burning, itching and bacterial infections. 

Thankfully, the thoughtful team at Dundies® have also come up with a dedicated pet safe solution! Their Pet Nappy Powder is eco-friendly, vegan and made in Australia and comes in 100% compostable packaging.

#3. Belly Bands

These would be used for male urinary incontinence or female desexing surgery cover up as a cone alternative.

These dog diapers and belly bands come in a wide range of colourful, funky designs.

The decision on whether or not to diaper your pet can be a difficult choice, but there are some clear benefits.

Diapers help your pet regain their independence, helping them to avoid unwanted accidents

By regaining the the freedom to roam around the house again, your pet is able to get back up on the furniture and rejoin their family.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $64.99 (Snappies); from $69.99 (All In One); from $44.99 (Belly Bands) at 

Trade enquiries (wholesale prices available) are welcome.

You can follow Dundies® on Facebook at and on Instagram at

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