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Australian Allstars Trick Training Workshop - July 26

Teaching your dog tricks is not a new thing, many of us have enjoyed teaching our dogs to shake, rollover and beg. However what you may not know is that Trick Training is also a recognised sport.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has recognised Trick Training for several years, and has a well established process for dogs to gain their titles, as well as individuals to gain qualifications to be able to assess dogs for these titles. 

The Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD) program developed by stunt performer Kyra Sundance, works closely with the AKC to train and certify individuals as instructors, so they can then go on to train and assess dogs and submit their results for their official AKC title. 

On 1st of January 2020, the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) introduced Trick Dog as a recognised discipline.

The NSW first training workshop was held in December 2019 and attended by Trick Dog sub-committee members and many keen Dogs NSW members. 

The first competition (trial) was held the following month, and attendees had the chance to be assessed four times. Many gained their Starter Trick Title at this trial, as three passes are needed.

Unfortunately the COVID-19 lockdown did put a hold on this exciting new discipline in early 2020, but many participants remained excited and wanting to learn more. 

The Australian Allstars Trick Training Facebook Group
Amy Curran was already aware of the DMWYD program offered in the United States but didn’t have the spare time to investigate further whilst actively showing her dogs.

After a rigorous online course which included a multiple choice exam, a written assessment, and several video submissions of myself teaching others and my own dogs, she gained her Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) qualification. 

She soon started the ‘Australian Allstars Trick Training’ Facebook Group, which now has close to 500 active members and close to 200 DMWYD Trick Titles have been awarded

Members have loved being able to train their dogs during this time, and receive help and encouragement from others. 

All breeds of dog are welcome to join in, at all levels of training.

The first level ‘Novice’ incorporates basic commands such as watch, sit, stay and walk on a loose leash so it’s the perfect start point for any dog, even those with no training at all. 

As restrictions started to ease, an in-person workshop was requested. With the help of Caron McGregor and Andrew Morrison of Nireno Pembroke Corgis, Amy Curran set out to organise and conduct the first privately run workshop for this new discipline. The numbers were capped at ten dogs, to allow individual attention for dogs and their owners, and the workshop was booked out within 48 hours. 

Attendees came from all directions, even from interstate, and all had a fantastic time learning new tricks, gaining awards and enjoying the spit roast lunch! Requests are rushing in daily for the next one!

Planning is underway for the next event to be held on 26th July 2020, at Black Springs (NSW). 

So what are you waiting for? Start doing more with your dog under the guidance of CTDI Amy Curran by joining the Facebook private groupAustralian Allstars Trick Training’!

Lead Photo: Debbie Russell's Shelties are loving their Trick Training sessions.

MEDIA RELEASE, 26th June 2020

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