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Deadwood Dog Ranch first themed dog day care now open

The Dog Ranch is the first themed doggy day care in Australia and it opened recently in Mona Vale (NSW) on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

"We wanted to create a place that not only makes the dog happy but also every single human who walks through our doors", explains Co-founder Natalie.

Partner and Co-founder Trent hand built each and every single feature on the premises whilst Natalie decorated, painted and designed all the themed areas, this being their fourth renovation project together! A lot of what is in the ranch came from their own wedding, which was also themed country and western.

If it wasn't challenging enough to start a new business venture, the official opening day on March 28 coincided with the start of the lockdown!

"Initially we had over 40 people RSVP to our opening but it was tough to know whether or not they would show up or if we should cancel. With the shut down and social distancing measures in place few attended which was of course disappointing but in the end we persisted with remaining open. The Covid-19 crisis really was a struggle for us to the point where we did think about shutting up shop" admits Natalie, but "as we put all our blood, sweat, heart and tears into this place we persisted and we have finally come out the other end."

So let's throw open the gates to see what wild adventures await your pooches...

The inspiration behind The Dog Ranch Doggie Daycare

Main Street, Deadwood, South Dakota, 1876
Founders Natalie and Trent came up with the theme “Deadwood” as they have a soft spot for old country movies like Calamity Jane, country music and more recently the Deadwood series - Deadwood (South Dakota) was established in 1876 during the Black Hills gold rush. 

The Dog Ranch comes with uniquely themed areas spread over a 500m2 play area, which will appeal to all dogs but especially your high-energy dogs.

Dog Ranch resident dog Kodah is a blue merle Border Collie so the owners understand how hard it is to find a place that will tire out your working breed! This why they have two dedicated “Working Dog Days" for those pooches requiring that additional mind stimulation and physical exercise.

Pooches a
re separated in two groups: small dogs and large dogs and they will visit each area throughout the day to enjoy all the fun including cowboy movies, ball games, swims, runs, mining for gold, treats not to forget a visit to the General Store!

The Gold Miners Cave

Featuring Chesterfield comfy couches and luxury endless cowboy movies for your "shep" - Wild West slang for dog of course), the Miners Cave is designed to keep your pooches warm in winter and cool in summer. 
The Miners Camp

This is where dogs can sit around the campfire, swap stories and watch the stars of the Wild West frontier. 

A Dog Swamp is upon the ranch for your fur baby to dip in on those hot days - or just to have a splash if they love water.

Ye Old Dog Wash

As an optional extra ($40), your "Shep" will be washed and pampered in the purpose-built Deadwood Bathhouse.

Starting with a deep cleansing shampoo, suited to your pooches skin and coat needs, followed by a treatment conditioner, your baby will receive a massage from head to toe, a deep relaxing rinse is next, a wild blow dry, a silky brush out, a touch of cologne, tasty treats throughout and of course lots of TLC.

Deadwood Saloon

This space is designed for the doggies to go back in time and relax, they can nibble a treat and drink water from the troughs on the saloon porch, whilst watching other cowboys ride by. 
They will be served Wild West whisky shots - healthy  Vegemite or beef frozen treats - each day!

There will be plenty of time for them to explore the Ramps and Forts of the Wild West, located above the ranch.
Dogs can run their hearts out and keep a look out for the forts scattered over the whole of Deadwood Dog Ranch.

The Mind Stimulation Area

Because it's as important as physical exercise for dogs, there's also a huge space full of mind stimulating activities and games, agility equipment etc. to not only give your doggy the best experience of the day, but also to tire out their little brain!
They'll be ready for a good night's sleep after their fun adventures in the Wild Wild West! 

Your furry best friends will be photographed in the "Wanted" photo booth to make all his fur pals drool on social media!

“Just to know your dog is having a good time and a great day, puts your mind at ease and warms your heart because you know that once your dog comes to Deadwood, we are going to treat them like our own with all the love, play and nurturing they deserve.” concludes Natalie.

So if you're a dog parent on Sydney's Northern Beaches, what are you waiting for? Yeehaa!

The Dog Ranch is throwing a Grand Opening Party on Saturday 27th February 2021, from 11am until 3pm.

Prices & Where to Go

Prices are as follows: River Rider: $49; One Off Cow Boy: $55; Half Day Run Wild: $39 

The Dog Ranch
Shop 3/4 Taronga Place, Mona Vale, NSW, 2103

Phone: (02) 9446 7457

For details, visit

Catch up with the latest "shep" action on Facebook at or on Instagram at

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